Something for a Fire Wife to Know about PPEs

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Follow (You may not even know what PPE means yet but read on….. you’ll dazzle your firefighter with this discussion!) Sometimes we get stuck doing things the same old way. All the time.  Because it’s worked.  Because that’s how everyone else is doing it.  Because it’s tradition.  Especially because it’s tradition in the fire service. […]

{July #servefirst} Sharing is Caring

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Follow #servefirst for July is so easy, no one has an excuse not to join in!  Summer is in full force and sadly, so are warm weather related accidents.  We’ve put together a list of things for you to help share to keep everyone safe this summer.  After all, sharing is caring!  For July we […]

STUNNING Dresses Under $40 that you NEED to See!


Follow On my last article , I shared with you the best dresses under $20! Today, I am going to share with you some STUNNING dresses – all under $40 – Dig In, Have Fun & Get ready to look More Gorgeous than Ever!   Let’s start out with a great basic: For $29 this dress  is […]

24 / 48 / 72 – What shift is it today? {from FireWifey}

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Follow As I write this, we are one full month into a regular fire schedule. I use the term “regular” rather loosely. As many veteran fire wives can attest, there really is no such thing as regular. Things come up, shifts get traded, overtime gets mandatoried, and so on. However, his “regular” shift of 48 […]

The Extras of Flame Fest

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Follow So we already know the Top 10 Reasons to attend Flame Fest but wait… there’s more! No, really!!! There is SO MUCH more!  On top of all of the great things that are happening, we have even more ready to release!  Even those in the Fire Wife Sisterhood that can not attend will have opportunities to […]