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Firefighting is a noble profession.  And also one that takes an emotional toll sometimes at the expense of marriages and family life.  Our Mission is to honor, strengthen, support and encourage fire service marriages and families.   

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Whether you are a firefighter or a significant other, male or female, struggling or just wanting to be a part of a good community that is positive, uplifting and supportive of your choices to honor your marriage and family, this is for you.



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With professionalism, integrity, top quality programs and a positive environment, we offer:



  That's right!  You heard us! NO BOYS ALLOWED. We've got a bunch of women over in the Fire Wife Sisterhood who can't wait to build their 2015 Fantasy Football teams.  We've got a whole set of "Secret" Leagues just for members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood!  Even... read more

Stop Being Mean to Mommy and Start Leading

{Welcome back guest blogger, Benjamin Martin.  This firefighter, husband, father shares the wisdom of lessons he has learned in hopes that you can avoid learning them the hard way. Thank you, Mr. Martin, for sharing your real life lessons. }   “So that’s what it... read more

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