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Firefighting is a noble profession.  And also one that takes an emotional toll sometimes at the expense of marriages and family life.  Our Mission is to honor, strengthen, support and encourage fire service marriages and families.   

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Whether you are a firefighter or a significant other, male or female, struggling or just wanting to be a part of a good community that is positive, uplifting and supportive of your choices to honor your marriage and family, this is for you.



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With professionalism, integrity, top quality programs and a positive environment, we offer:


Join the Fire Wife Sisterhood

The Fire Wife Sisterhood is the largest national community for wives, fiancées and girlfriends of firefighters.  Membership includes access to private communities, marriage mentoring, special group activities for fitness, book clubs, Rescue Pack exchanges and more.

In this community you will find friendship with women who understand your fire family lifestyle.   By joining, your membership fee helps to fund the programs here at FireFamily.Life.

Our goal is for you to have a safe, encouraging place to find fun, friendship and support with other fire wives.

For details on all the benefits of membership, click here.

Fire Wife Sisterhood Posts

May Rescue Pack Exchange

Our May Rescue Pack Exchange is all about being good to ourselves.  Face it, sometimes we put us last on the list.  Who doesn't love being pampered, relaxing and being good to ourselves?  There is so much opportunity for this exchange!  I love this theme! As you get...

Fit Fire Wife of April

Most of you know Brenda Bouldin.  She is married to a contract firefighter who is currently working over seas.  She has been an inspiration to the members of the Fit Fire Wife group.  Beth McDowell interviewed her and we're sharing that now. What is your primary...

The Respect Dare: Week 3

As we end Week 3, I pray that you are not feeling too condemned through the process. There is a lot of self-reflection through this study and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But without acknowledgment, there would be no change. Continue to seek that change and...

The Respect Dare: Week 2

I hope that by now we are working toward a common goal. Learning to respect our husbands more in loving Christ-like way. Just a reminder that this place is a safe-haven for discussions and I pray you feel transparent to share your journey. Everything we share here...

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