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Step Away From Your Devices: Your Summer Unplugged

Often we struggle as fire families to make time to do things together.  For some of you, the fire service gets nearly every free moment - life shouldn't be that way. (*ahem*  I will not call you out so harshly, but if you're not giving your spouse and family...

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Ways to Honor a Retired Fire Wife

Firefighters and fire wives both know the sacrifices we each make living the fire life. Although we may not always tell each other. A little thank you or acknowledgement of how much your spouse gives, either at home or at the station, can go a long way to the heart of...

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Anytime Chili Cook Off

I don't know about you but the cold weather seems like it is here to stay. Every morning we wake up and immediately, I know, it is going to be cold in the morning and even colder at night. By the time dinner rolls around I am ready to feel warm, cozy and...

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12 Ways to Organize Your Home Fire House Style

You'd be surprised how functional and easy it is to find things in a fire house these days with all the new organizational items that are out there. Nothing beats the old classic hooks and benches though right? Whether you're trying to save space or add functionality...

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New Year’s Eve – Date Night Delight or Dud?

Jackpot.  A night off on a holiday.  It feels like it never happens, right? All the good ones always fall on shift. He gets transferred from station to station and is always back in the rotation where BAM - holidays are workdays. This is the life we signed up....

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Firefighter Dads, Little Girls and Broken Hearts

Warning: This is a roller coaster, emotional heart-breaker, happy ending kind of story It's been a fun season in our household. We survived promotional testing process and guess what? My husband ended up first on the list! I couldn't be prouder. It's been a long...

My Husband Facebook Messages Girls All the Time

We have heard this comment so often in fire wife discussions and no doubt does it bring an undercurrent of distrust and lack of transparency in a marriage.   Scenarios range from husbands picking random girls on Facebook and starting a "get to know you chat" to old...

It’s Cancer. Again.

Yep.  My husband has another skin cancer spot. I've sensed it for quite awhile as I watched this open wound on his forehead, right where his helmet rides, never really heal.  We're talking months.  And shame on us  (me for not nagging?  him for not listening?) we...

When a Firefighter Needs Help

He came in and sat the bags of things I asked him to pick up on his way home on the kitchen floor. I didn’t look up or even greet him, I was “too busy” trying to fix the dishwasher tray as the kids had broken it the night before. He reached over me to grab a drinking...

Disarming Your Irritable Sleep Deprived Firefighter

The sun is rising.  You're freshly showered.  The little ones are all rumpled and still warm to the touch after climbing out of bed.  Your cell phone rings and it's your firefighter. Your smile grows bigger because this means he's made it safely through another night...

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