Written by Lori Mercer, a firefighter wife and founder of 24-7 COMMITMENT, with encouragement from her husband Dan, this book goes beyond general self-help, relationship, or household tips and goes straight to the heart of the firefighter family.

In this book, you’ll find:

  • Real-life stories from firefighter families, that only someone like you can relate to.
  • Time-tested, realistic advice on everything from managing family schedules to what to do at home after a difficult call.
  • Discussion questions to open up communication with your first family or your firefighter family.
  • Support during the times when your marriage feels challenged by the fire life, and the encouragement and straightforward guidance you need to keep your connection strong.
  • Carefully-chosen resources to help your whole family thrive.

Order Now Here.

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Make Mini Dates with Mom and Dad for the Kids!

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