Read along with “Honor and Commitment” in the Summer Book Club, starting June 20th.

Written by Lori Mercer, a firefighter wife and founder of 24-7 COMMITMENT, with encouragement from her husband Dan, this book goes beyond general self-help, relationship, or household tips and goes straight to the heart of the firefighter family.

We are so excited to delve deeper into this book with other fire wives and firefighters this summer! Join us and follow along this 6-wek summer book club (we have ladies groups and mens groups) as we shore up our marriages and our families with the message of “Honor & Commitment.”

Don’t have a book yet? Don’t worry! Order your copy here to get it in time, or get your ebook here immediately!

Latest News from the 24-7 Commitment Community

Support for West Virginia – Fire Family Response

SUPPORT WEST VIRGINIA 24-7 COMMITMENT Fire Family Response 24-7 COMMITMENT’s mission is to strengthen marriages and families of first responders.  First responders see so much tragedy and give so much to their communities which brings stress to their own... read more

Join Us At Global Leadership Summit August 11-12, 2016

Hanging on my bulletin board next to my computer is a list I called #GLS15 Commitments.   It is one of the only pieces of paper that hasn’t moved or been shuffled out, except to give me a better view.   That’s impact.  That’s something that made such... read more

Celebrating Dads…. Fire Family Style

Celebrating Dads…..Fire Life Style Firefighting can be very much a family tradition.  Of course we all know how having a firefighter in your family can shape your family journey.   I especially love to honor Dad’s for just being dad’s on... read more

Honor and Commitment – Online Book Club

Read along with “Honor and Commitment” in the Summer Book Club, starting June 20th. The reviews for Honor & Commitment have been so positive.  Here’s one of my favorites: I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of me and my husband for your... read more

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