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{now hiring} Marketing Specialists

{now hiring} Our non-profit has 2 big areas that can be outsourced to the right person.   And as a bonus…. I love working alongside women who kicked the 9-5 as I just did so myself last year. Booyah! It’s a great opportunity to gain experience with a niche... read more

Fun Valentine’s Day DIY Countdown

Valentine’s Day brings back memories of paste, red and pink paper hearts, Xs and Os, and handmade cards. There is something special about receiving things that were made by someone. For those of you who are super crafty, and even for those of you who... read more

Working Mom Spotlight – Heather

So many fire wives take on more than just the role of wife of a firefighter, which brings its challenges with its blessings. Many of them work full-time in addition to being mothers.The juggling act of a working mom in the fire life pretty much gives them the title of... read more

Work That Works

The “sweet spot” is when this “life formula” adds up: Committed Marriage + Physical Health + Mental Health + Happy Family Life + Your Work Is also Your Passion (+ your personal cup of tea hobby and interest)  = The Sweet Spot Of course that... read more

Put Your Love on the Books for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Do you remember when you got engaged, the first time “I love you” was exchanged, your wedding day, a special hike, vacation, date night, etc.? Do you want to share a story or just tell your spouse all the reasons why you love them in a... read more

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