How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: One Fire Wife’s Story of Reigniting Her Love’s Fire

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How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love’s Fire A door slams. Two ships pass in the night again.  When days turned into months. Praying to reignite you love life’s fire? Desperately ready to take that leap of faith into the relationship unknown? Long for a deeper connection with your lover? Between my […]

Fire Wife Hot Spot – Jill Tho

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Jill is a Fire Wife Sisterhood member.  She is married to Tua Tho and luckily she added in pronunciation with my interview because I would have never guessed it to be TWO TOE..(here I have been for the last year thinking TWO-UH THOUGH in my head!). Tua is a full-time Captain/Medic for Unified Fire Authority, […]

Texas “Crack” Sheet Cake


Here it is. Our FIRST recipe share coming to you from Gloria Baals in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  She sent our very first recipe in!  Thanks so much!  Be on the look out for more Fire Wife Recipes coming soon!  She says, “ The first time I made this for my husband’s crew, his Lieutenant dubbed it […]

My Marriage Wake Up Call


I like to think.  A lot.  I’m really a thinker.  (Sometimes that gets me in trouble.  i.e. overthinking)   But my list of thinking usually looks like the following: Are we really demonstrating frugality and the value of money well enough to our kids? Why did so-n-so send me that email about that project at […]

The Curse of the Ride Along


This post comes to you from Michelle Cohen, a Fire Wife Sisterhood member and  California Firefighter Wife.  She shares with us the not-so-adventurous ride along she recently encountered with her Firefighter/Medic husband.  Thanks for sharing, Michelle!  ~Jessie   They call it “The Curse of The Ride Along” and it goes something like this:  No matter […]

Please Go To the Firehouse So I Can Miss You Some More


Shhhhhhh!  I have a big secret to share!   I really enjoy days my husband is gone at the fire house.  Sure there are some when Murphy strikes hard and I just NEED him to come home.  But if he was here almost every day and we shared a bed almost every night, I truly […]

{a new fire wife} Jumping in with Both Feet

Fire Academy Graduation!

Today I’m going to introduce myself and tell you more about my life as a newish firefighter wife. You ready for this?? When Matt made the decision to be a fireman, I fully supported it. He was a little hesitant to make the plunge (he toyed around with the idea for a year or two […]