An Important Update From Val

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I’ve had a rough time writing this post. In fact I’ve stared at the blank screen for hours now. Time to just blurt it out.

I have sold the site.

For those of you on the newsletter list this won’t be a surprise. You were the only one’s that new I was putting it up for sale. I wasn’t looking to sell to a big company and get rich from it. Firefighter Wife was never about the money.  I wanted to make sure it was going to be taken over by someone that would continue it forward with being a helpful resource.

I believe I found that person in Lori.  I’m excited about ideas she’s shared with me and some of her vision for the future here.

When a decision is right it can be easy to make. Selling FFW was an easy one and one that has also gone smoothly. My other sites are keeping me really busy (yeah) and I’m unable to post as much here as I’m sure you have noticed over the months. It’s been one more thing on my to do list that weighs on me. Instead of letting the site go downhill I wanted to let someone else keep it growing. Not only keep it going but push it in the direction I’m sure it can go.

Lori is graciously letting me hang out and post here and there so I won’t be completely gone. I’ll still be on the fanpage, commenting on posts and joining in on the forums as well.  :)

I’m so happy I created firefighter wife. It has served so many purposes over the years helping me work through this new life we entered into once he became paid. All of you have been incredible with support for me and for each other. Not once have I ever have to edit or delete a hateful comment from one of you readers. That is amazing and shows how great all of you are.  I know you’ll continue to be helpful to Lori as well.

Thank you to all of you for helping me create the community atmosphere at FFW and for becoming friends. I’m glad this isn’t a case that I’m having to say goodbye. Just a see you around in a different capacity.

With love,



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The Fire Wife Sisterhood understands your challenges....schedules, missed holidays, scary calls, single parenting, sleep deprived husbands and more. This is your online firehouse family. (Fiancees and girlfriends too :)

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Val has been an internet addict for over a decade. The smartphone is only feeding this problem. Her hubby has been a firefighter for 13 of their 18 married years of happiness.
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12 thoughts on “An Important Update From Val

  1. Avatar of Lori Mercer - WifeOnFireLori Mercer - WifeOnFire

    Awwwww. Val, that totally made me cry! It’s an honor to take this over. You have done a GREAT job building this community and I hope we make you proud.

    Ladies….looking forward to getting to know you and will post more soon. But for now, let’s just show Val the love!!!

    Lori AKA “WifeOnFire”

  2. Star

    Val all I can say is that your site helped me out so much… and I am glasd you will be sticking around. Looking forward to future blogs with Lori and to see the new topics coming up. I just absolutely love it.. Had it not been for this site and the posotive comments and ideas from other Fire Fighters Wives, I probably would have let the best man and Fire Fighter I have known in the world go, and would not be getting married :D Thanks again and Cant wait to see whats coming….

    1. Avatar of HotWifeHotWife Post author

      Star, thank you for your comment. It truly means a lot to me to know that we helped. We’ll look forward to hearing all about the wedding and I hope you aren’t now stressing over the wedding plans lol

  3. Lyn

    Awww!!!!! Val, thanks for being a source of inspiration and motivation! We will look forward to your every once in a while posts and getting ot know another fire wife in Lori!

    1. Avatar of HotWifeHotWife Post author

      Unless you ban me from your blog your stuck with me Katie ;) I’ll be posting more on my personal blog again However, it’s not PC (at all) so I know some people will not want to follow me there. I have some others and if anyone wants to know they can send me an email at

  4. Khrystin

    Lori is one of the sweetest women I know and will do an amazing job with this new venture! Can’t wait to be a part of it with her…and all of you!

    -wife to Sean, Charleston FD (and formerly with Columbus FD)

  5. Avatar of Lori Mercer - WifeOnFireLori Mercer - WifeOnFire

    Ladies! Can’t wait to get to know you all better either! Do not hesitate to drop me a line and let me know what you want to hear more about, ideas, wishes, dreams about the firefighter wife community.
    You can use the contact me form to reach me directly for now.

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