Home Life on A Duty Day in Pictures

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How everyday things are impacted when you are married to a firefighter:

Text Message Pic at 8:02 am. "This could be bad"


The day started when I awoke to this picture my husband sent me of his first run of the day with the words “If this goes bad, know that I have always loved you.”   Yikes!  He never did that before!

I didn’t tell a soul and we went on with our day.  It’s the last day of soccer try outs which brings with it all too much drama and politics considering they are only 9 years old.  How can I really be caring about the politics of A and B team placement while my husband is texting me pictures like this???    Perspective.

Result of a 7 year old boy tantrum

Boys that miss their Daddies

The little man threw a fit and fell asleep under the couch cushions.  Change of plans.  I do not plan to drag 4 kids, including this grumpy one, by myself, to the Cub Scout advancement ceremony. A frequent little boy occurrence when his idol is at the firehouse.

Gluten Free Goodness

Scheduling tasks around off-duty time

We took the opportunity of a Saturday afternoon at home to bake up a storm.  I like to do it all at once so I only mess up the kitchen once.  Gluten Free cookies, brownies and banana bread.  Gotta get stocked up before the work week begins and there’s no time for baking.  Plus, I’d rather not be doing this on Sunday when he’s off duty and home for family time.

Enough sour cream?

Single Parenting Oopsies

I went all out and served Tacquitos for dinner.  Super easy but sadly, we were out of paper plates so I had to run the dishwasher again.   Not the most healthy, nor unhealthy thing we could eat.  Goes good with sour cream.  Grumpy and disgruntled child #2 heaped 3 spoonfuls on her plate before I realized.  These kinds of thing happen when you are single parenting.  Then she gave me the hand when I wanted to take a picture.  Oh the memories!

Party tent. Uh oh!

Sleepless Nights

The nice and courteous (*cough, cough*) high school boys behind us have raised a tent for graduation weekend.  These are the boys who love to ding dong ditch at 1 am, especially on nights I’m sleeping alone.  Maybe I can disconnect the doorbell tonight?

Alone Time

On the bright side, it was Saturday and I didn’t have to work.  I got to love on my munchkins all day.  And tonight I can hog the remote and chow down a heaping plate of brownies.  Plus, the shift is already half over and everyone came home safe from that refinery fire this morning.

I sometimes forget how the fire life pervades so many aspects of our day.

Now I need to run and catch the escaped butterfly in the bathroom.  It hatched from its chrysalis and caused much excitement, of course, on a duty day :)


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5 thoughts on “Home Life on A Duty Day in Pictures

    1. Avatar of Lori Mercer - WifeOnFireLori Mercer - WifeOnFire Post author

      That was my first too Trina. Thankfully! The other times I learned much later. Like when he fell through the floor of a burning house and was luckily snagged by his air pack. Yep. Saving that for another blog post :)

  1. Deirdre

    I so know what you mean about the text messages! I got one once saying he was in the ER! I told him if he didn’t call me next time or have someone call me that I’d put him in the ER myself next time! They sure know how to give a girl a heart attack! But great post! Glad your husband got home safe!

    1. Avatar of Lori Mercer - WifeOnFireLori Mercer - WifeOnFire Post author

      Thanks Deidre! Actually, I did receive a phone call from his partner once saying he was in the ER!! Yikes. In the end, it was really precautionary and all was well. His heart was acting funny but all was good. Still gave me a heart attack!

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