Fireproof Your Marriage

No doubt the ladies hanging around this site and in our groups are in LOVE with their husbands.

And no doubt there are moments you are stressed, worried, feeling unloved and unlovely.

Marriage is not easy and takes so much constant work.  But worth every moment.

Let’s take 40 days together to focus on our marriages.

Do as little or as much as you are able. Don’t feel overwhelmed, burdened or stressed by it.  Every little bit is helpful.  It will work like this:

1. Watch the movie “Fireproof”  (Trailer with Love Dare info below)

It’s free on Netflix!!!



2. Order “The Love Dare” book (or borrow from your library)

     (the second one is the Kindle version)

3. On Monday August 20th we will start with Day 1

I will post a short excerpt each day at The Firefighter Wife Facebook Page as well as in Firefighter Wife Private Facebook Group.   (And possibly here at the blog but let’s see how that goes :) )

4.  Share your thoughts

You can read along.  Skip a day.  Do what works for you.  Then share your thoughts and comments here at the blog, on the facebook page, or in the private group (for only firefighter wives!)

But please share your thoughts!!!!  Don’t underestimate the impact you could make on someone else’s marriage by sharing a challenge, success or revelation you had in your own.  Good discussion will make this so much better.

I especially encourage those who are in a tough place in their marriage to join in and participate.  It may feel like loving on your husband a little more is the last thing you want to do.  I encourage you to watch the movie and think about it.  You will have so much support in this fire wife community.   There are many other online groups who have done The Love Dare.  Here is just one comment I found in one of those groups:

“My dh and I have been going through some really rough times in our marriages and I feel like i no longer should be the one to do these dares. Is that selfish of me?
to summarize our issues we will jsut say he had a date with a girl, which I found their text messgaes, he was fired from his job, and now he is on probation and is now going through treatment for substance abuse.
 im so lost and feel so drug through the mud I feel like i should be the one to make nice and go through these dares… i need support i need guidance. “

Wow.  That’s a lot of hurt.  I will be praying specifically for each of you as you decide on participating in this Love Dare.

 Working with our creative fire life schedule:

If your husband is not with you…..away fighting fires, etc… or you are supposed to do something for him on a day he’s on duty….DO NOT LET THAT GET IN THE WAY!  There is so much goodness here.  Let’s support each other as fire wives and find creative ways around it.  And by the way, if you do Day 3 actually on Day 4, you won’t be kicked out :)


We are not excluding you.  If you’d like to participate, you are more than welcome to do so here at the blog and at the Facebook page.

Are you in?

Drop a short comment below and let us know.  Share as much or as little as you’d like.  And don’t forget to follow along on our Facebook Page and if you’d like, in the private group.


Continue to Day 1

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For some more reading

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19 thoughts on “Fireproof Your Marriage

  1. Ann Riffle

    I’m in too, I have both the book and the movie already, but I’ve never done the challenge. Excited to follow along. I will be commenting on the private group page for sure.

  2. Tami

    I’m in just need to check if my library has the book and get my brother to find the movie for me on his netflix… I have 2 more days. I may be joining late but I want in!

      1. Carmen Burbridge

        I would say more like “student forever” :) There is so much more I need to learn! Dave and I have only been married 4 1/2 years!

        My husband and I went to a Kirk Cameron/Warren Barfield (the guy who wrote and sang the last song) marriage conference and got to meet them. What a blessing they are!! Kirk Cameron said the scene where he kissed Katheryn at the end was shadowy for a reason… wasn’t the actress that played Kathryn but his real wife because he refuses to ever kiss another woman!

  3. Kellie

    I just found the site thru black helmet apparels post on facebook. I have do needed something like this. Also need others who might understand what life is like with a firefighter. So glad find this site. My husband and I have struggled the last 1 1/2 years. I had that affair and struggle everyday to make it up to him. I need to understand our relationshi, and what he feels. Hope this helps reassure him, and rebuilds my self. Say a prayer ladies for I do LOVE MY FIREFIGHTER, AND WILL FOREVER MORE.

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