You might meet your favorite dress here…

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You might meet your favorite dress here:
5 Worthwhile Dresses

On past posts of mine, I have asked you what kind of dresses you were looking for. I followed up very late with some of you (I apologize) and others, I was still yet to find a fit for. This post is going to take care of some of that!

I have hunted on the web and now I am SO HAPPY to present to you some of the BEST, most classic, timeless, you can wear it 100 times dresses to you.




Now, this is a HOT dress!

Price: 138.00

Get it here

Critique: I would like this better if it hit right below the knee.

Red Holiday Dress!



Stunning, Irresistible

Price: 150.00

Get it here

Critique: I’m not sure if the brooch is removable.
If it isn’t this makes the dress not quite as versatile as it would be without it.

Another Great Red Find – Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!


This is lovely and classic. You could put a brooch in between the chest area, or near the side of the waist like in the previous red dress. You can try many different brooch placements with this dress or most dresses for that matter.

Price: 97.50

Get it here

Critique: I don’t have any negative comments about this dress. If I saw it in person, I may see some things that I don’t like, however from these photos, I see nothing that needs to be pointed out. This is my favorite dress out of all of the dress that I will be showing you today. This is my #1 recommendation out of the bunch. I would LOVE this dress. If it was in my size, I would buy it.

Too Adorable not to Include!



This dress is not my signature style, but I love it and I would have a ball wearing it. To me, this look isn’t necessarily sexy or the classic definition of elegant, but it is pretty, charming and ladylike. It has such a vintage feel to it and it looks like the dresses that some of the women in the vintage photographs that I pin on Pinterest are wearing. :)

Price: 148.00

Get it here

Critique: I wish that it covered up the knees. That extra length would make it more classic, more appealing, more comfortable to wear and appropriate for nearly all occasions, unless you happened to be in a country where the showing of your legs was restricted. With this dress covering the knees, you could wear it to tea with the queen without worrying about your you know whats (undies) showing while you’re sitting. This dress may be OK as is, but knees sticking out of your dress are never very attractive. I think it brings attention to the wrong place.

Aha, do you see how much better this looks?


This length is much more classic for a woman. This would feel more appropriate in a wider array of situations, as compared to the previous dress. It kind of makes the dress above look like a beach dress in comparison. The dress above has a fancier concept, but thanks to this dresses classic shape and (hit right below the knee) length, it comes off as more prim, proper and formal. This dress would likely be a dress that you really do find yourself wearing in many different occasions. That little extra bit of coverage and the more classic design would just make it more of a “lazy dressing” piece. Yah! :D

Price: 80.00

Get it here

Critique: None – This dress can be accessorized with a nice 3 stranded pearl necklace or it can even be taken glitzy with some rhinestone / diamond jewelry. If you are looking for this look, this dress would be a good choice. This again is not my definition of sexy, but it is lady like, classy and charming.

There you go!

Those are some of my picks for you. Let me know what you think in the comments below! I hope that this post, in addition to maybe introducing you to your new favorite dress, will also help you become a better shopper.

I’ll see you soon!



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      Thanks for your comment! I apologize for the late reply. I’m just going back to my posts now and making sure that I didn’t miss any comments. I love that little black dress too. The one thing that I would change is I wish that it covered up the knees. I really like the high turtle neck look. Turtle necks are Sexy! Sounds weird, but it’s true! ;)

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