Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Private Community for!

For the ladies of, we’ve created this safe community where we can share anything pertaining to the fire wife life. Our goal is to be a place of unconditional encouragement and support!

A few guidelines that keep this community strong and helpful:

1. You *MUST* be married to, engaged to or dating (seriously and long term) a firefighter.  No exceptions.  If you happen to be a new girlfriend of a firefighter and are curious about what you are getting into, check out the resources here.

2. Contribute in ways that are positive, uplifting and supportive in spirit.  Take a deep breath and pretend you are directly across the table from someone before deciding what to say.  You can review this Social Media Etiquette information here.

3. No advertising unless it is through the official firefighter wife advertising program. Any posts about your business or others that are not part of the advertising program will be deleted.

This includes sharing sales, deals, recommended products, or anything linking to outside pages including your own blog posts or photos / sayings / quotes related to firefighting.

We do this to keep the focus on supporting each other and to prevent this place from becoming overly commercialized. And many times these photos have copyrights and we do not want anything shared on this site without proper credit. if you have something you want to share, message Lori Mercer (@Lorim or use the contact form here on the site).

4. If you have a local fire wife group (such as an auxilliary) you can register them here on our site and enjoy your own private access area.   But please no advertising or recruiting for other online fire wife communities in our site.

5. If you have a fundraiser you’d like to promote, please message Lori Mercer privately (@Lorim or use the contact form here on the site) and we can post it to the public facebook page.

6. Oh yeah. No political postings please :)

7. Oh yeah again. We are a secular site that LOVES ALL KINDS! Everyone is welcome to share with their own style of spirituality or religious belief without judgement or debate. It doesn’t matter if you pray or meditate or sing or journal to God, the universe or yogurt. All well wishes are welcome with no discrimination. I personally follow the bible and Jesus (without attachment to any “organized religion”). And he spent nearly all of his time loving on non-Christians. Let’s use that as an example to follow.

8.  We cannot give any legal or medical advice in these groups.  Please consult a professional.

9.  Our firefighters are public servants and held to the highest standards.  And this is what we expect of fire wives as well.  Consider this before posting any questionable details of legal activities being discussed.  (Example:  “I think my sister’s boyfriend is using drugs. What should I do?”)

9.  Never, ever, ever talk in a negative manner about anyone.  Not your neighbor, not your mother-in-law, not the clerk at Wal-Mart and most definitely not your husband or any other fire wives.   There are plenty of ways to vent in a healthy manner without saying bad things about a person.  We are defined by our words and our goal is for each of you to grow from being part of our community.  Controlling our tongue is a key growth area for everyone.

10.  Anyone who has trouble staying in these guidelines will be removed from the community.  (We’ve NEVER had to do it so please be kind and stick behind our mission!)

That’s it.

If everyone plays nice, we can keep the rules to a minimum :)

If you have any other thoughts or ideas….. Please contact us and we’ll discuss! We want to be an enabler of good things.


It’s an honor to provide this service for so many fire wives!

Here’s to the Fire Wife Sisterhood!

Lori Mercer Care Taker :)