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Every Fire Wife, Fiancee or Girlfriend is welcome to be a part of the Fire Wife Sisterhood.

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Why join the 24-7 COMMITMENT Communities?

  • To meet other fire families who understand their lives
  • To understand your spouse better and in turn improve their marriages
  • Because it’s a non-judgmental and drama free place to escape negativity and find moral support, advice and encouragement
  • To Participate in activities and programs with like-minded people who understand the Fire Life
  • To brag on our spouses to people who “get it” (and occasionally have a safe, healthy outlet to vent about fire life!)
  • To finally find true friendships with people like you

But the number one reason people join is to be part of something good.  A community that is on a mission to make our lives and those around us in the Fire Service, happier and healthier in all ways.

And when you join us in our communities you can be a part of:

  • A private, safe and welcoming online community with separate access only for those who are married to or engaged to or dating firefighters.  And separate access for firefighters in their own space.  This happens in our SECRET and PRIVATE online forums and Facebook Groups.
    • Our team monitors these communities to maintain a drama-free zone and a healthy respect for confidentiality, support and encouragement.
  • Interactions in intimate groups with other Fire Families who have common interests including for the women:
    • Wives of Chiefs, Rescue My Marriage, “Save the Date – for Girlfriends”, Fit Fire Wife, Financial Peace, Fire Wife’s Kitchen, Home Schooling Fire Wives and more
    • (more specialty groups coming soon for the men in the Honor Guard!)
  • Meet-ups with Fire Families in your local area for social events and friendship, caring and sharing for each other like friends do (meals for those who are sick, borrowing clothes, etc)
  • Regular video / audio / webinar programs from our experienced fire couples on inspiring topics such as
    • Your health and fitness, Your Marriage, Friendship, Finances, Specific Fire-related specialty topics
  • Attend our fabulous annual events such as our Commitment Weekends, formerly known as Flame Fest, a get away for firefighters and their spouse and our Fire Wife Weekends.
  • Register for free participation in motivating group activities such as
    • The Love Dare and other marriage-related book studies
    • Rescue My Marriage community
    • Fit Fire Wife accountability programs
    • Service activities to help other fire families in need
    • Local meet ups
    • Online webinars and chats
  • Become a Supporter with our financial giving levels and also participate in
    • “Rescue Packs” – Secret Sister/ Brother / Family gift exchanges at holidays and throughout the year
    • Care Mail – special surprises sent directly to your mailbox such as decals, signs, jewelry and other ways to let you know we are thinking of you  (Only available for U.S. Members)
    • Marriage On Fire Access for couples with His-n-Hers Commitment Coins
    • Extra Discounts and special offers in our 24-7 COMMITMENT store and from our Partners

Our Marriage On Fire community brings marriage resources relevant for the fire service and a community of like minded couples striving to honor their marriage and change the negative trend in the fire service towards divorce and hostility in marriages.

Become a Financial Supporter of Our 24-7 Commitment

The Fire Wife Sisterhood has been in operation since 2012 entirely supported by membership fees of individual fire wives who believe in the cause.   It has grown tremendously and now reaches out to the firefighters as well with the Honor Guard.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you and could never be where we are today without you!

But we don’t want to be an exclusive club.  To serve our mission of honoring, strengthening and encouraging marriage and family in the fire service, we need to get our resources to more people. At the same time, we are counting on those who can financially support us, to continue to do so, in order to truly take this mission to a new level of outreach.  And your individual donations are necessary to do that. This community is much more than just another Facebook group.  It’s an active community of resources, events and support for all.    When joining as a financial supporter we can also offer discounts, membership coins, charms, Marriage On Fire access, Fire Wife Academy access and more.

All Who Join Our Free Community Receive:

  • Private Online Community Access in separate places for men, women and couples
  • Bonus member-only articles and discussions
  • Participation in Local and National Fire Family and Firefighter Events
  • Free Printables
  • Rescue My Marriage Support Group for Wives
  • Fitness accountability groups
  • Access to mentoring
  • Participation in Members Online Parties and Member Giveaways – for wives, for husbands and for couples.

We are always open to adding new services and programs for our communities.  Please send us an email with your ideas.

Female firefighters and husbands of female firefighters – We are ready and willing to open separate communities for you.  To do so we do need volunteer administrators who are in solid marriages and ready to give back to these communities.   Please contact us if you are interested.   In the meantime, we encourage female firefighters to check out iWomen for more support in your careers.


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Free is great but our Supporting Membership Levels with added bonuses and benefits is even better for those who like a little more!  If you want to help support a Marriage and Family driven Mission of 24-7 Commitment,  You can also UPGRADE to a higher Supporting Level anytime.

For our Marriage On Fire Program with benefits for both spouses…

Register as a Couple for Marriage On Fire

$80 / Year or $25 / quarter per couple




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What does the  Marriage On Fire Program include?

  • A 6 week self-paced video series with notes and challenges for each spouse and as a couple, especially designs for first responders by a firefighter and his wife.
  • Weekly emails and personal login access at to watch videos any time.
  • 1 year membership to the Fire Wife Sisterhood for the female (equivalent available for husbands of female firefighters)
    ***Includes Care Mail every 6 months
    *** 50% off Fire Wife Academy Programs
  • 1 year membership to Marriage On Fire Community, our Facebook Group for couples in the fire service
  • Membership to the 24-7 Commitment Honor Guard for male Firefighters.
  • Bonus Video with Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of One Extraordinary Marriage
  • Live Online Chats throughout the Year
  • More Bonus Resources
    *** Free 100 Love Texts eBook
    *** Free Fear, Worry & Restless Nights eBook
    *** Annual Membership Coins – Ship once per year.
  • His-n-Hers Commitment Coins and Marriage On Fire Journals shipped automatically 2-3 weeks after registering

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24-7 COMMITMENT is a Federally Approved 501(c)3 organization.  A portion of your financial support may be tax deductible.

**Charter Members – Our first 100 lifetime members since June 2013.  We love your belief in us and your loyalty.  You will always have access to our private community and member content.  You will always be part of the Fire Wife Sisterhood Supporter Level Membership at no charge.

*** If you recently renewed your Fire Wife Sisterhood subscription at $60 / year and want to move into the new platform, please select your new level of access and we will adjust and pro-rate your membership to match.  We apologize for this manual effort but it is required with our new and improved resource center.

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Since stumbling upon at the end of 2012, my feelings towards my husband’s career have shifted.  I’ve always been proud, but being fully supportive, trusting, resisting resentment when it felt like my family was being robbed and offering MY best as a wife regardless… was not always easy.  I’ve met some of the most wonderful, strong and inspirational women that keep me on my toes.  I no longer feel like the ONLY lonely fire wife who has a life that is often a hot mess.  I know that other women out there are feeling the SAME things I feel, struggle, families are missing the same things my family is missing and that there are veteran wives out there who have survived this life!!!  They GET IT!  We can get advice, offer advice, exchange valuable information so that we can be proactive in our relationships and know that we have unconditional support from ladies from across the globe! hasn’t made me love my husband more, but better.  I see things differently now and I am working on behaving differently and improving myself to better not only my marriage, but my family and our lives.  I find it hard to remember what life was life before finding this community! Jessica J.

This is such a wonderful and encouraging place to be. I love it most when I am feeling maybe a little down and know there is a positive place I can go, where the other ladies get it. I don’t feel so alone. That in an instant, I have over 1000 fire strong wives I can reach out to. Or get a needed laugh from. Even more is the fact that we do not wallow in the muck of it, either. You can tell we qare really rooting for one another, truly wanting each other to win. Which is pretty unique and rare. Personally, I have always had more guy friends just because women can be so mean, and hard to get along with. BUT These ladies that are a part of this site are so amazing. I have never felt more welcome, and just a part of a sister hood, before. It is truly special to be able lean and and the same time lift, pull, and encourage each other the way we all do! When I came here, I was so excited to find others wives who wanted to help fire families and marriages be better. Who had the same passion I had! Thank you Fire Fighter Wife! Lyn B.