We aren’t counselors but we have been there.  And we want to lend an encouraging ear and moral support for those long days and weeks in between your counseling sessions when your firefighter is cold and distant and you are lonely and angry and confused.

And the Fire Wife Sisterhood has an amazing track record for lifting women up and keeping them on a positive path while they face challenges in their marriage to a firefighter.  This group allows us to serve that community even more.

Rescue My Marriage is a small group with only 20-30 members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood where you can share a little more personally and privately about your marriage.   The group first worked through the 40 Day Love Dare Challenge together and delves into other great marriage books as well.  (all of our recommended marriage resources are over here at including links to get the Love Dare books)

This group is facilitated by seasoned fire wives who we hand select as “Marriage Mentors” to encourage you and facilitate the discussions.

We meet virtually in a private (secret, no one can find it!) Facebook group.  You can dive in at any time even if we are in the middle of the Love Dare because we understand …..when you are hurting in your marriage, you desperately want to find something that will make that hurt go away and give you the tools you need to get your marriage back on track.

To participate in a Rescue My Marriage group, please complete this form for consideration.   Please realize we are not counselors and not providing one-on-one services and if we feel your marriage is in a place that requires significant professional help, we will refer you in that direction as well.