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New Traditions in the Face of a Covid Thanksgiving

New Traditions in the Face of a Covid Thanksgiving

The Fire Community is no stranger to disappointing holidays. We’ve all had to learn to adapt to scheduling conflicts, unexpected changes and spouses/families being alone on some of the most special days of the year. We have to get creative and create new...

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Social Distancing: Covid-19

Social Distancing: Covid-19

WHY IS COVID-19 DIFFERENT THAN INFLUENZA AND WHY IS SOCIAL DISTANCING IS IMPORTANT? Some thoughts / tips to understand facts and see how I’m handling this as a mom, fire family and business owner:   NUMBERS AND MATH DON’T LIE   I say this to my kids and...

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How Marriage Comparison is Stealing Your Joy

How Marriage Comparison is Stealing Your Joy

This Guest Post is brought to you by Rachel Mellencamp. (Twitter: @rachelmcamp and IG: @rachelmellencamp) She been married for 3 years to her Firefighter. She says she is still figuring it out. (Aren't we all 😉 ) She also has a passion for firefighters and their...

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