Our Favorite Firefighter Daddy

I love buying gifts.  In fact, if I could make that my career I would.  Finding that just right gift and seeing the happiness on the recipients face just fills me up.  But buying for Fathers Day can be challenging.

Clothes.  Receiving something handsome to wear is more for you than them.  Well thanks honey.  Is this how I’m supposed to wear this?

Tools.  You have to ask them so many specifics the surprise is ruined.

And to make it tougher, my husband just celebrated his birthday yesterday and my father’s is on July 2nd.  So this is always my season to rack my brain for cool manly gifts.

For his birthday, I bought my husband tickets to our new professional lacrosse team, the Ohio Machine.  Score one for big mama.  He loved it.  The kids are stoked.  He even made a facebook post about me being a great wife.  Success!

And for Fathers Day I just got him the most awesome…..oh wait I can’t say because he’ll probably read this (Hi sweetheart 🙂

So, what I bought him may or may not be on this list, but nevertheless, here are some ideas for you, from none other than my favoritest place to shop – Amazon – where I just set up our very own Firefighter Wife Storefront.

Amazon has EVERYTHING.  Literally.  We have been buying special gluten free groceries in bulk with free shipping and automatic re-shipping and beating the grocery store price by 15-20%.  Everything.  But I digress.

Frugal and Thoughtful Gifts for the Firefighter Dad


Survival Cord Bracelets  $10-20

Manly, trendy, helpful in a time of need Would they really use this?  I doubt it but fun to imagine and adds to the heroic nature of our men.   Plus from $10-20 each these are reasonably priced and perhaps a good gift from the kids.  I imagine my sons would want one to match their dad.

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Firefighter Knife  $10-20

I can’t count how many knives we’ve bought my husband but he uses and loves them all.  Seriously having different sizes, styles and grips is important for different types of work for him.  I know there’s a special one he likes to keep in his gear so maybe you can be sneaky and see if your firefighter has a favorite as well.   But this one is inexpensive, tough looking, firefighter emblazoned and most definitely handy.

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Firefighter Bible $20

If he’s a believin’ man, this is a great gift.  Keeping a bible bedside at the firehouse comes in pretty handy considering the life and death moments they face.  This is a complete bible with Old and New Testaments but also some sections highlighting devotionals and great verses for Firefighters in particular.   Plus this comes in a nice gift box.

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DIY Laminated Photos and Sweet Notes for in his Gear $5-10

Firemen are super rough on things.  But I can’t blame them.  Fight fire and save my life or worry about if I’m ruining this pair of pants I’m wearing?   So I’ve found that things I have laminated last longer when carried around in the gear bag.  Laminate photos or special notes, quotes or bible verses.

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Because you’ve been stashing away secret money and he’s worth a million dollars

What’s more appropriate than a Kindle FIRE?

Let me get techie on you for a bit.  For $200 you cannot beat the functionality this brings.  It’s like a slightly smaller iPad (which makes it easier to fit in my purse and bags) with no camera.  You can do everything internet, use apps, listen to music, watch videos AND, of course, read books.   This is less than the price of most SmartPhones today.  You can even install a free texting app and text for free (when connected to Wi-Fi).   An economical and small sized alternative to a laptop or iPad.

*BONUS*  I just got an email from Amazon Local Deals with a $30 off coupon!  Look at your local deals or check under Columbus, Ohio deals.

GoPro Camera $250-300

What a fun toy for a firefighter!  My husband doesn’t ask for much and this is one gadget he’s mentioned multiple times.  These are super tough HD video cameras that you can mount on your body, on your motorcycle, pretty much anywhere, and it films while YOU are in action.  He in particular wants the chest strap for holding this camera.  Personally, I’d rather see the fire department pick up the tab on this one for fires but I am certain he and the crew can dream up a million fun firehouse pranks with this thing :).

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Disclosure:  Many of these are affiliate links.  It does cost money to run this site so we appreciate your support.  Honestly, it’s only a few percent if you purchase it but it’s something.  And why should all these great products get free advertising anyhow???
Giving Back:  I believe in giving back so I’ve applied to be a partner of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and plan to donate 5% of all earnings from FirefighterWife.com to this organization.  I hope we can make that amount even bigger in the future but for now, every penny counts.


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