A picture post.  Because they speak much louder than words.

Rob, on my husband’s crew, wrecks his 4-wheeler (riding with some of the fire family) and breaks his pelvis / hips / not exactly sure what cause “he’s too stubborn to get back to the doctor”  (His wife’s words 🙂 )

So Rob is laid up for a bit.  Summertime in the country doesn’t just stop cause you’re injured.  Some of his crew spent a few hours Saturday helping with chores around the house.  Rob is smiling but like any firefighter, frustrated he can’t be out there doing it.

And here’s a sample of some of those chores.   I have to be honest (and knowing Rob’s wife Kris appreciates honesty)  I wasn’t thrilled to hear on the weekend my husband had off both Sat and Sun, he was going to spend most of Saturday away from home.  But after discussion we both know it’s the right thing and God doesn’t disappoint.  Giving is a blessing and we were all blessed on that Saturday.  I got some quality time with my our 7 year old (who ignores me when Daddy’s home cause it’s way not cool to hang with girls).  And my husband was truly glad he went considering how much work there was and how he would feel if he was in Rob’s shoes.  That’s brotherhood.

And on Sunday it continued.

You may have seen some posts on our Facebook Page about a local firefighter who lost his leg (but not his life!) in a motorcycle accident.  Anthony Torres is on his way to being the first amputee firefighter in the state of Ohio (there have been some in other states) but that will be an expensive endeavor.  Everyone is calling him an inspiration but today Anthony said he cannot understand that.  He sees everyone rallying to help him as his inspiration.  300 people showed up to run benefit 5k today on a hot, humid Ohio afternoon.

Check out that smile.  That rockin prosthetic all firefighter tattooed up.  And the beautiful newlywed firefighter wife standing strong behind him.

Just some of the big crowd of supporters.  And see all those green t-shirts?   There’s a FirefighterWife.com logo on the back.   These are the exactly the kind of events I love to support.  And what better place to meet a bunch of Firefighter wives?  (Welcome to all you new FirefighterWife.com subscribers who found us at this great event!)

We survived!

Just a few of the brothers who were there to support him.  And that guy on the crutches?

He’s the stubborn one who was pushed the whole way (in only 45 minutes I might add) by his strong firefighter wife.

I think it’s clear that the brotherhood is sometimes only as strong as the wives behind them 🙂


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