Father’s Day Advice from Hallmark

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All credit for the Father’s Day holiday this year goes to Hallmark.  Who can say it better?

I’m that girl who gets choked up reading the cards in the aisle at the grocery store.  And the one who bawled her eyes out at all those Hallmark commercials (well, they were unfortunately popular during the breeding season of my life – prego / post partum 4 times in 7 years.   Girl needs a healthy outlet for all that emotion)

This year’s card selection challenge may have been our best ever.

First off, a funny one from our 7 year old Luke.  Let me start by saying, I picked this out and upon reading, he was immediately embarassed and totally did not want me to get it.  Tough boy is sensitive.  He signed his name so fast you would think the card had major cooties.   But the result was priceless:   Dan and I laughed and cried for 10 minutes literally rolling around the couch while trying not to further embarrass Luke who furrowed his brow, tightened his fist, stomped his foot and yelled something I can’t remember.  Call us mean parents but for the son of a firefighter, this card is hysterical!

and inside?

Credits to Hallmark:

Perhaps this is even more funny to us because Luke has taken to calling the family jewels his “wein-is”.  A combo of “weiner” and well, you know.   An easy mistake when you’re 7.

Big brother’s card was a perfect match for a pre-teen boy:

LOL!  Who thinks up this stuff?

But when it comes to Daddy’s little girls, well, I can’t even type this without getting a lump in my throat.

You see, when Dan and I met, it was love at first sight, as in, hey baby, let’s go to Vegas.  We didn’t.  But baby #1 came along right away.  Dan and I both joke that if we didn’t have such a beautiful daughter for his warrior instinct to protect and love, we might have never made it over that hump of the first few difficult years of marriage.   I am lucky.  Our girls are so lucky.  Their Daddy adores them in a way I dream about for every little girl (and grown woman) in the world.

Maybe its just me.  Maybe its because I can still feel myself as a 10 year old girl in that swing imagining someone wrote this fairy tale about my Daddy.   This card really chokes me up.

Then for the big kahuna.  The card from me.  Some years I just can’t handle the emotion and just go with a funny one.  This year I found the perfect card.

Is there anything more sexy and romantic than a man who’s totally in love with his family?  (If you’re not sure, maybe you haven’t yet read The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky)

As a firefighter wife, I think we are really lucky that our husband’s schedules allow them generous family time.  Yes they are gone for 24-48 hours at a time but in between there, how many dad’s get to spend 24-48 hours dedicated to family without work on their minds?   I know not every schedule is the same.  And many fire dads are working second jobs as well.  But we’ve been able to take advantage of his schedule and avoid childcare on some days.  I wouldn’t trade that tight family bond for any money in the world.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

Don’t forget the best fire dad advice ever….don’t get your wiener too close to the fire!

Disclaimer:  I get NOTHING from Hallmark for writing this.  I just wanted to make sure they were duly credited so they don’t get mad at me for using their good stuff 🙂
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  1. grayspirit

    The wieners card gave me a good laugh. LOL … and I sure hope my two sons don’t end up looking like the guy on the inheritance card either. Hallmark cards are not readily available in the Philippines. The 9 year old made her own. Maybe not quite as elegant as a Hallmark, but I got the message.


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