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Last time we went hiking with our kids, my husband had some rescue rope he was throwing in the back of the van.  I’m thinking, we’re in O-H-I-O!  What the…?  His answer…you never know.   Yes, it is confirmed.  Sometimes these firefighters just can’t get their jobs out of their brains!

So he was pretty giddy last week when these bracelets showed up from Cobrabraid that are made of paracord.  (This means the ropes that are used to hold parachutes – mega strong.  I’ll save you the 10 minute technical talk I politely listened to.)


The Thin Red Line Firefighter Paracord Bracelet

My husband and I both wore these bracelets around for a couple days to try them out.    Not bad.  The small sized one fit my small wrist pretty well.  My husband was ‘not annoyed’ wearing a bracelet which is not normal for him.  It also held up well to his rough-housing (no surprise).

The clasps are sturdy and easy to hook with one hand.   And can you believe there is around 15 feet of paracord wrapped in this convenient bracelet package?

I did not ask this question but I’m assuming if you have to unravel it to use it, there’s no way to turn it back into a bracelet.





Firefighter Paracord Keychain with Carabiner


If you’re not into the bracelet thing, this carabiner keychain is pretty handy too.  I have been using a carabiner to clip my keys to the handles on my purse.  It helps to find them more quickly instead of digging around.




The Thin Red Line Firefighter Paracord Bracelet and Keychain

Save money buying a combo!






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How can I get one for free?

I have one large size Cobrabraid bracelet to give away.  Here’s the deal.

In the comments below, share the best idea of how you can imagine you or your firefighter needing to unravel this bracelet and use it for rescue purposes.    The person with the best idea will win the bracelet.  We need at least TEN ENTRIES to pick a winner so everyone get creative!

I’ll get you started with one idea:   We were traveling on the interstate with a fourwheeler, bicycle and Power Wheels ride on toy all piled into a trailer being pulled by our mini-van (uh-huh –  Beverly Hillbillies!)  Things were bouncing all over the place and needed some extra securing.  Paracord to the rescue!

Ok.  So that’s pretty lame.  I KNOW you all can top that idea.  Ready.  Go!



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  1. hydrantgirl

    Riding my horse, wearing my Cobrabraid bracelet I get stuck in a big ol’ sink hole of mud. Using the bracelet I make a pulley system of rocks, branches and my rescue rope to pull ourselves out. Continuing our ride we come along a fast moving stream blocking our path home. Using a system of quick release knots and a figure 8 on a bight I safely maneuver across the rapid moving water with my new guard rail made of rope. Retrieving my handy rope I continue on our journey only to be stopped by a black bear. Oh no! I quickly fasten a decoy to the end of the rope to distract the bear and ensure our safe getaway. While galloping to freedom my reins snap losing all control between my horse and I. Using my handy dandy Cobrabraid I use my hidden gymnast skills to secure the rope to my horse’s bit ensure he and I (and firefighter) can ride off into the sunset.

  2. Tracy

    Knowing my wildland firefighter, he’d unravel a paracord bracelet to ‘rescue’ someone from a hang nail. Just to see how long it really is. 😉

  3. Danielle

    My firefighter’s best friend (besides me!) is our lovely 3 year old black lab Talon. Beyond using the Cobrabraid to take Talon for long walks on the beach :), Talon fell into the lagoon earlier this year behind our house and my firefighter had to work real hard to get him out of the lagoon (in January cold!). I’m sure my firefighter would use the Cobrabraid to help Talon out of his next debacle.

  4. WifeOnFire

    I am still laughing at ALL of your entries! LOL!

    But the best and the winner is……….Danielle! Somehow, I can totally picture that happening. Great story.

    Thanks to everyone for your great entries. Danielle, please email me at contact at firefighterwife dot com with your mailing address.


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