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My tiny business hotel room in Switzerland

I’m flying out to Europe tomorrow for a week.  Sounds glamorous doesn’t it?  Wish I could say it was.  See, I’m still holding down a corporate world day job working in IT (Information Technology, nerdy stuff).  I am mega-blessed to have this job, love the people I work with, get to do some pretty unique international travel and I’m on some pretty cool projects that match well to my technical skills.

None of that changes the fact that I will be 18 hours of travel away from my husband and 4 children for 6 days.  Gut wrenching heart-ache kind of dislike.

Never been to Europe and curious about what it’s like?  Well, people are people everywhere.  They are sad, happy, angry, frustrated, dancing, laughing, talking, rushing, hungry, smelly (good and bad kinds), well dressed and disheveled.  Humanity is a glorious creation and traveling around the world meeting all kinds of people is the most educational and eye-opening experience.  I wish it for everyone.  The world would be much kinder and gentler if we could see how everyone else lives.

The places I travel in Europe most people speak great English.  It’s very safe.  And clean.  And efficient.  Small cars, small apartments, lots of travel by train.  But did I mention expensive?  They have Starbucks everywhere but it will cost you $8 bucks a cup.   If you want to see what a typical (non-glamorous) business trip to Europe can be like, check out these photos here at my facebook page.  (I made them public so you don’t have to friend me to see them.)

Working mom guilt knows no boundaries.  And can exhaust you emotionally and physically if you let it.  But as you all know, firefighters don’t do their jobs for the great money.   And raising four kids is not cheap.  So we collectively suck it up and off I go, praying for another safe return.

A typical old town street in Switzerland

Yeah for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s!

My firefighter is working a 48 this weekend.  So we’ll visit for firehouse pizza tonight with the family.  My mom (MawMaw) arrives tomorrow to help with the kids while I’m gone and I fly out.  We all meet up again next Saturday morning.   Thank goodness for all the great MawMaw’s of the world who help us young families negotiate the demands of both parents working!   She helps with laundry.  She doesn’t let the kids run wild.  She cooks and cleans way better than me anyhow.  And between her, my husband and our babysitter, we have enough adult drivers to negotiate the summer camp / music lesson / sports conditioning schedule.

What do you want to know about Europe?

While I’m traveling, I’ll try to post when I can.   Anything you want to know about Europe?  I’ll collect the photograph evidence while I’m there and share it with you all.

Here’s to all the working moms out there who have to travel away from your families.  Stay strong sisters!

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