Summer Bucket List for the Fire Family

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When his work days are spent performing exhilarating feats that most people won’t try in lifetime, how do you find activities that will keep his interest at home?  

I mean, he uses the manliest of power tools to cut a car in half to rescue a child, then comes home to sit through the neighborhood block party.   Yee-haw.

Yes, it takes some creativity to take his mind off the workplace and add some excitement to your agenda in the summertime.

It’s already past the Fourth of July which means summer is going to be gone in the blink of an eye.   If your summer has so far been filled with chores like paint the deck, mulch the beds and reorganize the garage, wake up and smell the barbeque!

Over the next few weeks, keep watching our Facebook Page for the Summer Bucket List for the Fire Family.   Summer fun that everyone must experience, and some especially purposed for a firefighter.

Who doesn’t love a bucket list?  You can get all dreamy and creative and get perspective on life.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a sneak preview of some of the items you will see:

Because if your husband is a rescue tech, he gets to do this at least once a year.  When will it be your turn?  And how much will he love you for doing it with him?

You’ve got 48 hours until he has to be back to the station.  Why not?

Just don’t follow the “rules”.  Live a little!  In fact, skip the entre and JUST EAT DESSERT!  (Your kids will make you mom of the year.)

What items are on YOUR summer bucket list?

Credit for all these great ideas and images goes to the happy pinners at Pinterest.  


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  1. Daniel

    I agree with you! Dessert is the only thing that could save us from too much stress of life.

  2. Cecile

    I kinda remember the movie ‘Aquamarine’ with the climbing of the water tower. Nice and unique ideas you got there. I haven’t heard of anyone who planned of climbing one. Ha ha! Gotta make my own before the summer really, really ends. *sob*

  3. Brandi

    Not quite the most daring adventure, but one of our top tasks this summer is to take our kids camping for the first time. Which will be checked off our list after this weekend.


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