Firefighter Tees and More - Black Helmet ApparelToday we are on Day 3 of The Love Dare.  And the daily activity was to buy something for your spouse.  I was racking my brain when I remembered this discussion I recently had with him about his clothes.

He was wearing an Old Navy 4th of July t-shirt from 2001!

Seriously.  He needs some new clothes before his kids are old enough to realize how embarassing that is!

It also became apparent that he is sometimes sitting around in uncomfortable clothes.  Because he’s a guy that doesn’t shop and doesn’t even realize he can buy things like sweat wicking workout shirts and comfy cargo pants.   Being a marine for 6 years and a firefighter for 12, I think he got used to just wearing what was given and not complaining.    So I totally need to help him update his wardrobe.  In fact, I have a date night scheduled soon to do just that.

I have a feeling that a more comfortable daddy around the house will mean a less grouchy daddy 🙂

But for today’s dare, I’m going to go with a new Black Helmet t-shirt.

Is there any more awesome firefighter style than Black Helmet Apparel?

Trendy and tough. Not too flashy.  Sending almost unnoticeable messaging until you look closer.

Sure, I’ll buy it today and it won’t be here until next week.  But I’ll send him the email receipt so he’ll know I was thinking of him today (besides the fact that  he’ll read this post of course!)  Plus I will be traveling for work next week so when it arrives, it will be another reminder that I was thinking of him.

Firefighter Apparel by Black Helmet Apparel

(* I am using Black Helmet affiliate links so makes a small commission off of each sale.  We appreciate your support!  It is not free to run this site and we limit our partnerships to only top notch products.  Thanks you! *)

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