ORGANIZERS NEEDED: Firefighter Wife Honors 343 Fallen Heroes

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Dear community,

Better late than never right?  I’ve been hearing lots of chatter about organizing some in person meet ups.  And also great thoughts about how to honor our firefighters on Sept. 11th.   How about we move lightning fast and try to kill 2 birds with one stone?


Sept. 11th in various regional locations, Firefighter wives (and their off duty hubbies if desired) will meet for fun food and beverages.


It’s time we finally meet in person.  And this date is perfect for our inaugural event.  September 11th is a day a firefighter wife looks at quite differently.  It’s a special time to support each other and honor our husbands and their crews.  To celebrate the bond of this community.

Giving Back:

Everyone is encouraged to bring sports drinks that will be donated to local fire departments as a thank you for their service…..with personalized thank you cards from and the local “members”


I need local coordinators to do the following:

  • Locate an eating establishment who would be willing to provide a discount to firefighters and their wives for that evening and be a host for the event
  • Be at the door at the event collecting the sports drink donations, having people fill out thank you cards and giving them the free decals
  • Post some signage at the event advertising and our online community
  • Deliver the sports drinks and thank you cards to local fire departments over the next couple days
  • Be an advocate for and the awesome community of women we have here
  • Talk up the event in your local area – drop off flyers at the fire departments, etc.
  • If you have any connections to local media, include them in the event (I can coach you on how to talk to the media about the event!)

What I will do for you:

  • Send you decals
  • Send you “Thank you from” cards to be signed during the event and delivered with the sports drinks
  • Send you signs and table tents / post cards to share at the event
  • Create a Facebook event on our Facebook Page ( that is localized for your event.
  • Promote your event on Facebook targeted to your regional area
  • (anything else I’m missing?  let me know!  I’m here to serve the fire wife community.)

What comes next?

Some of you have asked about formalizing local “chapters” of (perhaps we’ll pick shorter name :).  I am putting that program in place so it will be super cost effective for everyone to participate but you will NOT need to do a lot of administration.  All of that will be setup online – membership tracking, dues payment, etc.

The purpose?  A more structured way to stay in contact locally, organize to support local needs and to attract corporate sponsors so we can do a knock-out job with the annual conference in Vegas next year.

The police wife community is more organized in this way and they are doing some really wonderful things for the police wives.  It’s a great model for us to look to as an example of how we can be a more effective group, reaching more fire wives (like the ones who are not online 🙂

Who’s in?  Raise your hands.  Write in the comments.  Send me an email.  Let’s do it!



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  1. AJ Cecil-Starlin

    I am interested in doing this but I dont really know many wives in my local area right now. I will talk to my hubs and see if he can help me out a little bit with getting the word out.

    • WifeOnFire

      Thanks AJ!! What area are you in? We’ll help with advertising on Facebook as well.



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