As I awoke to a no-work, no-school, no-mail, do-nothing US government Monday holiday, I didn’t feel so giddy.  My love was up before the roosters preparing to head to the station.

Am I grateful that he is a dedicated firefighter who loves what he does?  Absolutely.

But it doesn’t change the fact that the kids and I will celebrate the last day of summer without him.  It just seems so ironic.   I’ll head into to work tomorrow morning and be asked

“What did you do for the 3-day weekend?”

My answer will start with

“Well my husband worked Friday and Monday.  And we had to drive 2 cars to the out of town soccer tournament so he could get back in time.”

I’m grateful for Wednesday when he’ll get to be home with our youngest while I go to work and we can avoid daycare.

And being a 9-5er myself, I can totally understand the freedom that comes with a 3 day weekend.  Corporate jobs can really suck the life out of you.

So it’s just today that I ask you to all to think about the American Laborers.  Who can’t rely on traditional daycare hours. Who work lots of holidays without a choice.   And who will labor through this weekend with a little extra work to ensure the celebrations are top notch.

The best way you can honor them is by simply recognizing their labor on a day like today.  And recognizing their families who will celebrate without them.

Here’s to the American Laborer.

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