I love this man dearly no matter what he wears.   But when he pulled a t-shirt from his closet that literally had the date “2001” imprinted on it, I grew concerned.  He was truly going to wear that comfy, well worn t-shirt as an “upgrade” from the gym clothes he had on.   Clearly I had not looked in his closet in awhile and was neglecting my wifely duties of keeping him up to speed.

His newest shirts? Those he receives “free” for coaching his children’s sports teams.

Granted, he will continue to wear white socks with his sandals.  (There’s only so many fashion faux pas we can protect them from.)  But I can definitely liven up his threads with a 30% off coup0n at my favorite firefighter priced department store, Kohls.

Do you see the theme?  T-shirts and cargo shorts.   Totally him.  Totally relaxed.  Nothing newer than 3 years old.  I love it.  Truly.  But Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

So this weekend we have a date night planned.  Well, it feels like date night for me.  It might be torture for him.  We’re going shopping specifically to freshen up his wardrobe a bit.

I’m not the biggest fashionista myself.  Pretty plain jane, simple, low-maintenance kinda girl.  So I need some advice.

How do you dress a 43 year old, thick, strong-framed firefighter with a never-changing military haircut and scary tattoos down his arm?

I mention these features because depending on his dress style, I sometimes think he could pass for someone just released from the state pen.   And usually at meet the teacher night, he gets a couple sideways glances…..until they see his warm friendly smile and personality 🙂

Here’s where my head is…..non-logo’d under armor in bold colors.  Some trendier blue jean styles.  Casual shoes that don’t scream nineteen-ninety-something.  Anything with a collar.

Help!  Where would you shop?  What styles?  Leave a comment and leave some links to styles and stores you like!

Much appreciated 🙂

EXPIRED UPDATE:  Kohl’s contacted me with this special offer code UBLOGTEN.   Any of you are welcome to use it for an EXTRA 10% off  until October 24 and stack your savings with one other department specific code as well.

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