Day 21

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Love is Satisfied in God

 The Lord will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire. – Isaiah 58:11

Excerpt from The Love Dare Book:

“Your husband may be late coming home.  Again.  But God will always be right on time.

 Your wife may let you down.  Again.  But God can always be trusted to deliver on His promises.

 Every day you place expectations on your spouse.  Sometimes they meet them.  Sometimes they don’t.  But never will they be able to totally satisfy all the demands you ask of them – partly because some of your demands are unreasonable, partly because your mate is human.

 God, however, is not.  And those who approach Him in utter dependence each day for the real needs in their life are the ones who find out just how dependable He is.”

From Pinterest

From Pinterest


You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. (Psalm 145:16)

Today’s Dare

Be intentional today about making time to pray and read your Bible.  Try reading a chapter out of Proverbs each day (there are thirty-one – a full month’s supply), or reading a chapter in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  As you do, immerse yourself in the love and promises God has for you.  This will add to your growth as you walk with Him

KLove Radio Station did The Love Dare and has a daily post (with copyright approval from the publisher).  You can find it here (especially if your book has not arrived yet!)

How are you doing?  Has it been easy?  Struggling?

Big question for the fire wives…..what is your favorite daily devotional or favorite way to read the bible every day?

(note:  if you have a very private topic to discuss, you can always reach me at contact at firefighterwife dot com)


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