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Introducing a fellow fire wife, Kim Merrill!  Did you ever dream of going to Disney, googled it and then got discouraged with all the options and costs and add-ons?  Did you know you can use a Disney travel agent to navigate all of that for you at NO COST?  They’ll find exactly the deal that works for your family.    I think you’ll quickly realize we’ve got our own resident fire family Disney expert here 🙂   Thanks Kim! 


I don’t know about your firefighter family, but in our household, we live for our vacations!  Why?  Well, depending on how your FF’s job is set up, between the pager and the cell phone, there is no such thing as a day off!  We measure the quality of a 3-day by how many times the station has called my husband.  Now, I do have to admit that it isn’t always that bad, but let’s factor in our kid’s school, my job(s), and some various other community-based involvements and really evaluate the time we spend together as a family.  Are you thinking about your situation?  Not much time left over in the day, is there?

In 2006, I finally got my Bachelor’s degree.  It took me a really long time to finally get to this point, and I wanted to celebrate.  There was going to be a vacation involved!  And….I get to choose it!  And this wasn’t going to be another trip where we visited family again.  I love my family, but after a while you just need to get away just with your nuclear group, right?  But where to go?  Walt Disney World, of course.  Our daughter would turn 3 during that trip and we figured that would be a great family destination.  I’m originally from California, so Disneyland was no stranger to me.  But there had been no trip or vacation (that didn’t involve family) in 7 years.  And you know what?  I was hooked!


I spent the next several months trying to figure out how to convince my husband to go back.  And convince I did!  And since that fateful 2006 journey, I won’t shock you with the details, but we’ve been lots of places with the Disney name.  We did a Mediterranean cruise. We did an Alaskan cruise.  My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in the Mouse Land and ran our 1st Run Disney event, followed by a Bahamian cruise (without our daughter!!!)



I’ve been doing some blogging about my experiences, as an outlet for my obsessive planning disorder.  It’s not just Disney that I love: Part of my obsession is in the details, the ability to find something completely different and unique to do or see every single time we go somewhere!  After I started this writing, my husband told me: “you should be a travel agent”.  Yeah, that sounded great, but how does one become one?  Well luckily for me, the Disney blog-o-sphere is as much of a family as our firefighter wives are, and an opportunity literally dropped into my lap out of the blue!  I now have the ability to share my love (obsession) with planning with other people! What a gift!


But why, you’re probably wondering, in this day and age of the Internet, would someone need or want a travel agent?  Well, good question!  There is an incredible amount of information out there, and it can often take quite a while to sift through the information you need to customize your travel needs to your family’s needs.  If you’ve never been to Disney World, trying to research and choose a hotel alone may be enough to send you running, and that’s not even beginning to talk about the ticketing options! A good travel agent will get to know you and your family’s travel preferences and provide you with options that will please all ages of travellers! I will help you pick a hotel that suits your family’s size, needs and budget, and help select a ticket option that will allow you to be able to see and experience all you can. We also keep up with the latest packages and specials, and in some cases, can work to apply new promotions to your reservation, saving you time and money! And the best part is…….MY SERVICES ARE FREE!!!

I specialize in Disney vacations, including Disneyland, and Walt Disney World, but did you know that there’s so much more? How about Aulani, Disney’s Hawaiian paradise on Oahu?  Pool, a lazy river, and a private snorkeling cove are only a few of the outdoor areas designed to help families reconnect and relax.  They also offer excursions designed to explore the rich history and beauty of Hawaii.  Want to do it yourself once you arrive?  Rental cars can be arranged for your stay!  I can help make arrangements so that all you have is magical memories, great photos, and no headaches!


Disney Cruise Line is a less-obvious hidden gem!  They currently have itineraries to Alaska, the Mediterranean, through the Panama Canal, and a transatlantic opportunity in addition to the many Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries.  Unlike many other cruise lines, there is no figuring out what restaurant to go to and whether there is an upcharge to going there.  Disney Cruise Line offers a rotational dining option so you get to experience all they have to offer!  In addition, snacks abound and there is an area to get sodas and drinks.  All day!  With no additional fee!  While there are ways to spend extra money while onboard, I offer shipboard credits that will help with a little extra fun on board! * Disney’s legendary service and attention to detail will keep all family members happy.  There are special programs for kids, and there are 4 dedicated age-appropriate kid’s clubs! I can help narrow down the diverse options available and help select a stateroom that will accommodate your family’s needs.


Adventures by Disney can take you to many locations scattered over six continents!  There are also Disney parks in Hong Kong, Paris, and Tokyo!  With so many options, my goal is to provide you with concierge level service to create a Disney experience that is tailored to your unique needs and would be honored to assist you in planning your next adventure!


Kim Merrill, Agent

Tink’s Magical Vacations

Cell: 360-632-0025

Fax: 1-888-221-3637

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Please let us know how we can help your friends and family members.


*OBC varies with package price.

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