He cheated on me. Do I try to make it work?

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I hate this question.  It’s taboo.  I don’t even want to have to think about it.  But it comes to me at least monthly in a private message that someone wants me to anonymously ask.   The fire service is a DISASTER when it comes to marriage.  An absolute freaking disaster.  Divorce rate is off the charts.  Second and third marriages are common (and actually, my non-expert opinion and unofficial poll seems to find that they thrive way better than the first.)   24 – 48 hours away from a spouse can be difficult.  Text messages and facebook make it easier to communicate outside your marriage.   Cheating is too common.

There are people whom I hate for my husband to have to partner with because their values for marriage are so low.  Conversation turns to filth.  Eyes turn to unmentionables.  Not to mention the women who are firefighter groupies and will throw themselves at anything in a uniform.   You are who you hang around.  It’s a constant wheel of temptation torture for a firefighter who’s trying to honor and respect his wife and marriage.

And we all know that men who are eager to run into a burning building are very easy to fall for.  They are braver and stronger than the average Joe.  But along with that personality comes a sort of gruffness that isn’t so gentle on a woman’s soft, feminine, emotional, I-need-to-talk-this-out-with-you side.   A communication nightmare!

I’ll get off my soapbox now but you can see how passionate I am about this topic having fought through 10 years of marriage to my firefighter to get to the sweet spot of faithful love where we are today.

So here’s the latest anonymous question.

I want to get the opinions of some people who are unbiased of my situation. I’d like to remain unnamed. My husband of a little over a year who I met 11 years ago in our department was caught cheating. It was sleeping with a 40 year old for 6 months. He blames stress fr him failing his cardiac part of his paramedic class, not being able to get a good full time spot, us being so busy, an he says he can’t open up bout work. I do love him, I have had a hunch since June but wanted him to admit it giving him chances an everything. My question for other fire wives is should we do the counseling (I have moved out already) or is this not fixable. Was wondering if anyone could help give me insight.

And my initial response to her:

Absolutely do counseling and absolutely work on it! The fact that you both want to is a huge factor. You can make this work. It will take time and healing. A counselor is a big help in that. We have had this topic many times in our private wives group if you feel comfortable talking there. (firefighterwife.com/connect) In fact there was a big thread about this just last week from one wife who’s husband just ended a year long relationship with a 26 year old EMT. Some books that are recommended in our wives group – The Love Dare (have you seen the movie Fireproof that goes along with it?) , The Power of a Praying Wife. Love and Respect.

Can you help this desperate sister out?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. FireWife

    First of all, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this and I hope that you do not feel alone. There are so many of us who have been exactly where you are. Times to come are hard, no matter what you choose. There is nothing right now that will ease that part of you that feels like it is gone.

    I’m all for saving a marriage if both of you are willing to go to counselling, remove the problem from your lives completely by not having any contact at all with the other woman, and trying to rebuild what has been broken. He has to be sincerely sorry and understand that he threw his vows out the window when he let another woman take his wife’s place in bed. He has to understand that he hurt you beyond just getting over it and being ok with loving him like a wife should, moving back in and definitely having sex with him again. He has to commit to finding a stress reliever that doesn’t involve leaving his marriage. He has to prove that he will never violate your marriage by bringing another person into it ever again. Long, tough road ahead of you. YOU have to be certain that it is not YOUR fault. No matter how a marriage is because it happens to good and bad ones, cheating (and abuse of any kind) is not acceptable but it is something you can forgive given the person is truly sorry. Being sorry means change! You can not be sorry and still keep the same habits. Thank God for second chances, we all get them and we should all give them. Second chances can sometimes lead to a better, stronger marriage when a couple can work through something that could have torn them apart. If you want to save your marriage, save it. Fight tooth and nail for it. Work hard, pray harder and pray he is working as hard and prayer even harder. I pray that you find the strength in the decision you make because it is one of the largest of your life.

    • Brenda Holcomb

      I have been married to my ff for 17 years now he cheated on me 6 years ago for a year it was hard I worked threw it but it always remains in the back of my head 2 months a ago I cought him again and this time it was 5 months so I thin some of them if they cheat and get forgiven think you will always forgive them and continue to do it. Maybe not all but definitely my husband .

    • Jen

      Forgiveness and trust. Following through to the core. Is a great quality, but are we teaching firemen or anyone that it is ok to cheat. No it is not.it is a personal decision to take one back but if you do take him or her back and truly forgive you can not throw it back in there face. But if we except this behavior others will not learn and what are we teaching our children that this is ok no its not ok but then again forgiving is healing. Dont let it get there. We all know when we are having problems fix it before he or she jumps to someone else..but remeber we can only control ourselves and we are all worth to be treated with respect love and kindness . Dont to to others you dont want done to you..morals is the key.

  2. Jeannette

    Been there done that…My ff cheated on me over a year ago and it lasted over 2 years. We worked through it however, and we are stronger then ever. If you both are willing to work on it then its worth it in the end!!!!

  3. Shannon

    I really hate to say this but it may not be worth it for you to work it out. I say this because it wasn’t something that just happened one time. It was an ongoing affair. I believe that once a man cheats, he will do it again. And the person being cheated on always has a hard time with trust. I know a lot of wives are going to say differently but I’ve been in this situation more then once and know the outcome is not always a good one.

  4. Sue Kristensen

    Ok, I am not a firefighter wife, and I know this is for firefighter wives, but you have alot of good information and input and values that are awesome for alot of us women. I have been happily married to my construction worker husband for 23 years an together 26 years. Here’s my opinion: What kind of woman wants someone else’s husband (Not one I want to be friends with)? And men hello, obviously is she is willing to cheat with you, she is willing to cheat on you! I have never heard in my life of anything positive coming out of cheating! Do these women have NO self respect?

    I am sorry but every marriage has it’s ups and downs, it is how we handle both that make us stronger. I am a TOTAL advocate for marriage and I truly believe that if two people are willing to work (counseling, talking to each other, etc.) on it and I mean daily, then it is always worth working on.

    It takes two to cheat (I am not including the partner that is cheated on), they both deserve the blame. I am sorry but have more self respect for yourself and be faithful. I truly believe men and women that honor a commit are “Heros” ! No it is not easy, but doing everything you can to save your marriage is honorable.

    My heart goes out to you and if I could take one day of the hurt from you I would. Surround yourself with friends that share the same values. I could not be friends with any of my husbands friends, my friends or our joints friends if they continued to cheat! I am very selective about who I allow into our lives!

    You have this great outlet of women and are very lucky to have them!

  5. sue bull

    Its difficult to do but if you are willing to work it out you should try. if you’re not already part of a church find a church and get counseling. something like this does not have to be the end of your marriage. like I said it is difficult but with forgiveness, anything is possible.

  6. star

    Hi, i am sorry about the situation u have found yourself in. My best advice is to tryand work it out. If he is wanting to go to counceling thrn i would take it. If might help it might not but there is nkthing wrong with trying.. i would do anything for my ff… we have our setbacks but it always works out. Just becarefull… dnt set urself up for more hurt…. best of luck to you… i hope it works out..

  7. maria

    what’s so sad is if it’s happening to us – we may never know – when they are at the station – i hate to say it anything can happen – just pray it doesn’t… good luck
    I found out my husband was talking to an old girlfriend and to tell you the truth i honestly don’t know if he slept with her —- so even tho its 6 years later — i still find it very hard to totally trust him which sucks

  8. J

    What a horrible way to spend a holiday season (any season for that matter)…with this information about your spouse. I am truly sorry for the hurt and pain you are experiencing. I too have been down this road…ouch! You can read everyone’s posts, weigh the pros/cons, leave him/keep him, but ultimately, only you know in your heart if 1) you are willing to do the hard work to get back to a marriage you would want to be in, 2) know/feel if your spouse is willing to make the effort to make it work. As for the excuse list – that’s all they are: excuses. I could go sleep with someone and say well I was stressed due to work, well you’re gone 33% of the time and I was lonely, well the kiddos are now grown and I’m by myself too much, blah blah blah…again, these are excuses. The road to completely trusting someone again is full of cracks, pot holes, divets and ditches…but it can be done, it’s not impossible. Once you’re at the point of trusting again, it will never be what it was before, as it has now evolved into what it is. As the saying goes, “it it what it is”. Ultimately, you cannot control free will (this is the absolutely hardest one I’ve had to learn as I’m a bit of control freak). If someone wants to do something, they will do it…whether you are up their butt with a microscope (been there), whether you have spyware installed (done that) or you have released it to God and have complete faith/trust it won’t ever happen again. I wish you all the best with whatever your decision. As you can see from this group, no matter your decision, whether ladies agree or disagree, they all support each other here. It sounds like there are no children involved, which helps (to me) make the decision easier. Good luck – you are in our thoughts and prayers and may 2013 be YOUR very best – with him or without him…:)

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  12. Anthony

    You woman are selling yourselves short. GOD is amazing but if the SOB is cheating on you he does not fear GOD little less believe in him or his ways. I would divorce the SOB, get your elamony and enjoy life with happy thoughts and memorie, not with thoughts of is he going to do it again. Every woman should be loved and
    respected to the fullest and not be disrespected. Find yourself a MAN that fears GOD and believes in his teachings, a MAN that will respect you and your children. Once a cheater always a cheater. Life is too short to live unhappy, disrespected and worring if he will cheat again.

  13. Vanessa Rrodriquezz

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  14. Luaren Fisher1

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  15. nelda ffwife

    I was at the same situation. but i don’t know where exactly my husband had met this girl or person. My husband has been a firefighter for almost eight years. I understand that a lot of women think that they go through a lot. But i think that there is no excuse for a man to say that they cheat due to stress. I had caught my husband looking at internet dating sites and also condoms under the seat in which we never used any throughout our whole marriage of 14 years. he denied it all and eventhough i am still with him because i tried to work it out for our kids to have a stable family relationship, i still have a hard time to trust him. i just know that now that my kids are a little older i have the courage to leave and have a happier life if i catch any signs of cheating. Sometimes you got to get that strong feeling of going forward with your life without a man that like cheats on you. Remember (stds can happen anytime).

  16. Melinda

    I can’t tell you what to do but I know what has worked for me and my friends. We walk and don’t look back. Hard yeah. It hurts. But “that” just isn’t worth it no matter how much time you have in it. I told him right up front, “If you cheat on me, get involved in a serious addiction or hit me, I’ll leave.” He said “Wawawa, what about second chances?” I said “You get one. You get a second chance to find someone else.” Three years later and I have the absolute greatest husband in the world. No trust issues. None what so ever. Someone told me when I was little and it has always stayed with me “It takes a great man to be better than no man at all.” This makes it so easy to leave someone that doesn’t value what he has. He knows it’s over when he goes for “it”. Sometimes needs aren’t being met, bet then he needs to get counseling or speak the hell up or leave but cheating is the ultimate back stab from a true coward. If he doesn’t have the skills he should at least be mature enough to know that he doesn’t know and know that he needs to get some. Everyone knows that cheating is wrong. It is the deal breaker.


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  18. freye

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  19. James

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