Welcome to Day 1 of Fit Fire Wife!

This is a meant to be a pick me up to your health and fitness routine that can be started any day of the year.

Every person is unique with different fitness goals and needs.  So we are not trying to specify one particular fitness program or diet but inspire you with a variety of tips and options so you can find what works best for you alongside many others who are doing the same.

Disclaimer:  As with all fitness programs…..consult your doctors!  No one on here is a doctor nor can they diagnose or recommend any medical care.   Nor are they responsible for what you do and do not do in your fitness program.  (blah blah blah….you know the routine…make smart decisions and realize there is nothing officially expert about articles on the internet, including this one.)

How this works:

1. You set your goal.

2. You pick a program that will work best for you

3.  You tell us in the comments below so we can follow along.

4.  We encourage, inspire and inform with informative blog posts, facebook posts and emails.

Setting a Goal:

I’ll keep this simple.  Choose one:

  • A specific weight by a specific date
  • Strength and Tone
  • Increased energy levels due to a healthier lifestyle

Just be realistic and be easy on yourself.  No matter what goal you set, you must adjust both your diet and your exercise levels if you want to see results.

Start here calculating how many calories you should have each day:  Calorie Calculator

Now pick a nutritional and and exercise program that keeps you in your goal calorie range.

Picking an Exercise Plan:

There are so many ways to add fitness to your day.  Join a gym or a local exercise class.  And there are limitless online programs and apps to guide you through a daily exercise program.

Here are two of my favorites:

Picking a Nutritional Plan:

Choosing a nutritional plan is a bit like choosing a religion, except there is definitely more factual science involved.  Low carb.  Vegetarian.  Raw foods.  The options are endless.

I’m going to suggest 2 simple methods then you can google like crazy to find the details that work for you.

  • Reduce your portion size.   I’ve had many friends lose tons of weight just by cutting back on portions (back to that measuring your calorie intake thing right?)
  • Cut out troublesome foods.   Soda pop and processed sweets are 2 easy and obvious choices.

It can take awhile to settle into a new diet regime so along the way in our Fit Fire Wife program we will be sharing various diets that have worked for our Fire Wife sisters as inspiration and examples.

Tracking Your Results:

It’s math right?   More exercise.  Less calories consumed.  While that’s simple math, its not something you want to try to memorize in your brain all day long. And its proven that keeping a journal or log helps to make things stick better.  here are two apps used by our fire wives that will help you track your progress.  As a bonus, you can even “friend” each other in these apps for more accountability and encouragement.

  • MapMyRun:  This is a great app for tracking not just your runs but any fitness exercise.  The nice part about tracking your runs or walks or bike rides is that it tracks your speed and mileage as you go.
  • MyFitnessPal:  This is a website and a mobile phone app that allows you to track calories you both consume and burn.  You can also follow “friends” so you have that encouragement and accountability as you go.

Your Actions for the day:


Decide one thing you will cut out of your diet.   When you are walking into the kitchen and your hand is reaching for that extra snack, pull it away and walk away.  Drink a glass of water instead.


If you can’t make it to the gym or another class, find 15 minutes to do exercises at home.  Walk up and down your stairs.  Do squats and push ups.


Comment below and tell us what your goal is in as much detail as you’d like.   And tell us which, if any, of the tracking apps you will be using so we can follow along together.


The most important part of Fit Fire Wife is that we are doing this TOGETHER.   There will be encouragement and motivation along the way.   So be sure to comment below and join in to the discussion on our Facebook Page each day.

Coming in the next few days….how to do a detox to help reset your system for a new routine and a real person’s explanation of the Paleo diet and how to follow it.


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