Day 2 – Fit Fire Wife

One of the best ways to kick start a fitness program is to detox your body.  Just do a hard core, “I’m going to stop being addicted to __” 3 or 5 or 10 day detox.

What is a detox?

Limiting your eating to a very specific set of foods that are all natural and raw plus lots of water.  And its typically done by including a meal replacement shake or supplement to help with the liver / intestinal cleansing.

Where do I get a “detox” program?

There are a zillion and one detoxes available on the market.  You can find them at your local drug store as well as from a variety of direct sales companies.

I am doing the Young Living 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse simply because I use a lot of Young Living products in my home so I receive the distributor discount.  And because 5 days is manageable and this is very natural and gentle.  Those were important points for me.

Our Fit Fire Wife Coaches each have their own recommendations so leave a comment below if you have a specific question for one of them.

How to do the cleanse

Here is a link describing the 5 day program I am doing.  It is basically a shake for each meal, lots of water and healthy snacks in between.  Not so bad.  Be sure you make a trip to grocery store to have those healthy snacks at hand when the cravings and hunger kick in.

Here is how I am cheating

I am not looking for significant weight loss.  My goals are to get stronger both mentally and physically.  I don’t want to have a dependence on sugar and I want to step up my exercise routine.  So I added a little extra protein with my program.  As in, last night I had a skinless chicken breast because I was really needing the protein and wanting to add some hot food on a cold winters day.

But be careful with those cheats!!!   They are so tempting.  But having done this a few times before, there is way more satisfaction in controlling your mind and body cravings than giving in for a bite and feeling guilty.   Truly you can have the will power to cut back and it feels SO GOOD to be in control of those choices.  In fact, as I’m sitting here typing this right now I’m about to fall off the wagon and run for a cup of coffee!   Instead I’m going to get up and walk for a nice cold glass of water.   Both removing yourself from the situation, getting active and adding water will help you kill that craving.

This takes some time and planning

Pick a good time when you can have a couple slow, down days.  The first couple days you may have a headache and low energy but that will pick up by day 3 or 4.

You also need to be in a “detox friendly” environment.  i.e. don’t schedule this for Dec 23 – 28.  How depressing to deprive yourself of holiday cheer!  Pick a few days when you know there are no important events coming up which are centered around eating…..or else find a way to avoid them.

It’s a long journey to healthy eating, especially if your current grocery cart contains a lot of boxed items.  In a later post, I share the steps I took with our family to clean up our diets.  And by steps, I mean, it took us an entire year to adapt to each of these individually.  Can you believe a package of Oreos sits half-eaten for weeks in our pantry?  That’s with my firefighter husband and kids ages 13, 10, 8 and 5.  It IS possible.

That brings me to my final question….how do you do this with the life of a fire wife?   I mean, every 3rd day (for our schedule) I have to be cooking for the family and can’t avoid the kitchen.  Talk about temptation!  What I’ve done is to plan lower key, fast to fix meals for the kids on those days.  That way I do not have to spend so much time in the kitchen.  When my firefighter is home, he already helps a lot with the meals which makes it easier for me as well.

Your Actions for the Day:


At least twice today when you want to get a drink, go for water over anything else.


Have you decided on an exercise routine yet?  Based on what you have researched give one of them a try for 20 minutes today.


Comment below and tell us how you feel about doing a Detox.  Is it scary?  Motivating?  Have you had success with one in the past you’d like to share?



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