Got an app for that?    There are a million and one apps for fitness but MyFitnessPal continues to be the one I hear the most about.  Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the food you enter and it will add up your calories you consumed
  • Enter the workouts you did and it will add up the calories burned
  • The app then shows you at every moment how many more calories you have left in your day or when you went over

It’s all simple math.  You must burn more calories than you eat and there is a healthy target calorie intake for YOUR body.  MyFitnessApp will calculate that as well.

Lots of the Fit Fire Wives are using this app to help stay on track.   And you can even follow each other in the app for more accountability.

So if you are using this app and want to connect with more fire wives for accountability, don’t leave your email address here!  Go to the Private Wives Group and post there.

Oh yes, and you can get the app online here: or by searching in your phone’s app store.

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