Our final Fit Fire Wife sponsor this month is Fire Wife Jackie Hudson who has had great results in her energy levels using her product, LIMU. Not everyone is looking to lose weight but even if you are not, this does not mean you are strong and energized and living your best life. Even overcoming life events such as the loss of a baby. Thanks for inspiring us Jackie! ~ Lori AKA WifeOnFire

 Whatever your goal is this month, if it is to lose weight or to just feel better, my FF and I recommend any of our LIMU products. When I originally got started on LIMU it was mainly just to feel better. I never had any energy to work out, I wasn’t sleeping good at night, I was in pain all the time from a bladder disease I have called interstitial cystistis. So the LIMU original really helped me. I’ve always been a small girl, never really had to worry about weight gain but when I got pregnant I started gaining a little. Sadly we lost the baby and I had no energy to start working out to tone back up. Thanks to LIMU I have gotten that energy back and am on my way to being fit. My main goal is to tone up, but if you are wanting to do more than just tone up, the LIMU LEAN system is going to be the way to go. I hope LIMU changes your lives like it has changed mine!


Contact Jackie Hudson at www.jacobhudson.iamlimu.com


Your Action for the Day:

What is stealing your energy?  Is it your diet?  Is it an addiction to caffeine?  Is it lack of sleep?  Spend some time figuring that one out today and pick one thing to make a change.
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