Little Miss Rachel (soon to be a Mrs.!) has been such a sweetheart in our Fire Wife community from the very beginning.  She was a love struck girlfriend at the time struggling for months while her firefighter was away fighting wild fires.  Poor girl!  But he’s back and they are so romantic and the best part?  We are all invited to the wedding!!!  We all love our sweet, encouraging Rachel 🙂   ~ Lori  AKA WifeOnFire

How did you meet?

Isaac and I met at our home church three years ago. We both went to an event the college group was doing (a Waffle Night). I was sitting on a low wall, talking to a group of people, when he worked his way into the conversation. We talked and talked and talked. We became instant friends and we haven’t stopped talking, laughing, playing, and generally having the most fun ever!


What kind of a FF and for how long?

Isaac did a season of Wildland Firefighting in Klamath Falls, Oregon this summer (from June to October). He is currently in the hiring process with an ambulance company here in LA County.

How do you survive the worry of him being hurt or killed on the job?

I worry a lot in general, but when it comes to Isaac, I know that he is very, very good at what he does. He pays attention to details, he is well prepared, and he responds quickly in a crisis. His skills are solid, but at the end of the day, I have to remember that Isaac doesn’t belong to me; he is God’s, and by God’s incomprehensible grace and love, I get to cherish some moments in this life with him. But I’m not promised anything. If you ever met Isaac, and if you could know him and see him as I do, you would know that one moment with this man is more of a blessing than I could ever deserve. So I cherish the blessings and pray for more.

What’s the best advice you’ve received so far about being a “fire wife”?

I don’t think I’ve really been given any fire wife advice just yet, but I did receive some great advice from a coworker about the proposal. He told me not to say “Yes” right away, but to let Isaac finish saying everything he had prepared because it is important to him. For me, I think that translates nicely into all aspects of being a fire wife.

Any cool fire stories? Traditions you have? Crazy plans?

From my FF: On my second fire ever, the Hill Fire, my crew was putting in line uphill of the head of the fire. It wasn’t moving very fast, so we were confident our safety wouldn’t be compromised by that tactic. We tied our line in with another line on the south flank. Around that time the sun had risen so we launched a helicopter with a bucket to make some drops for us. We hiked up the hill some to get out of the way, and took a break to sharpen our tools. The hill we were on was very steep (it was called the Hill Fire, remember?) and right along the base of it was a road, and just on the other side of the road was an irrigation channel. The chopper was able to make many drops as the turnaround time was about 2, 2-1/2 minutes between each drop. After a little while the wind started to pick up, and we could see the pilot was maneuvering the chopper a lot to maintain control of the bucket (280 gallons on a long line). Due to the steepness of the terrain, where we were on the hillside had us about the same height as the bucket. At one point the bucket really swung, and hit the ground maybe 20-25 feet away, and dragged toward us! We’d already been up and at the fire from 2am until, I believe it was around 8 when it happened. We went from slightly groggy/tired to mountain goat-nimble in a flash and everyone scattered as it came toward us! It lifted off and went over us without anyone getting injured, but man it was fun! Just the kind of adventure I was looking for out of a job!!
As for traditions, I always tell him, “Have fun. Don’t die!”

Will there be a firefighter theme at the wedding?

Probably not. Wildland was seasonal, and since we’re not yet in a department, we aren’t yet immersed into the fire life. We know that the time will come where we eat, breathe, and sleep the fire department, but there will be enough birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays celebrated at the station. I think we’ll just take this day to celebrate our love for each other.

Are we all invited??? (just kidding)

Absolutely! If you are 100% serious about coming to Glendora, Ca, let me know! We’ll find room for everyone, even if it’s a fire hazard… Just Kidding!

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