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lukeThis is one of those blog posts that my kids will likely disown me for when they read it in the future.  It’s about our 8 year old son and his nose issues.  Let me just get the word out there now because it’s going to pop up a lot in the post.

Boogers.  That’s what this is about.

Last week, our 8 year old woke up one night with terrible vomiting.  Over and over for hours until he finally rested and slept.  Like all families of multiple children, I instantly Lysoled the bathroom and any possible surface he touched on his way to.  When I woke up what felt like 5 minutes later to get ready for work, he said to us “I’m glad it’s day.”  Awww.  Poor baby.  That was a rough night.  Thankfully 24 hours later he’s recovered and back to school.  And so far… one else has caught that awful ickness.  Hmmmmm.

Except the next night it happened again.   Then good for a day.  Then happened again.

Of course, I’m doing single Fire Wife duty on a couple of those nights.  Used to it.

Oh and let me add this fun fact.  It was not your normal regurgitated dinner.  It was dark with blood clots.  (Sorry for that gory detail but relevant to the story). And he had bleeding from his nose at the same time.  Enough to make even a seasoned paramedic panic a bit.

Let me pause a minute and tell you a little backstory about this tough-stuff boy.   When he was about 4 years old, Silly Bandz were quite popular.  Remember that?  Rubber bands shaped like different objects that cost a fortune but every kid in school was collecting them except your child? (Because you’re the meanest parents ever!)

We were driving home as a family one afternoon and said boy falls asleep in his booster seat with his head tilted back.  Although we did not realize this until we heard quacking sounds from the back of the van.  Yes, he was snoring and it sounded like a duck quacking.  Hil-ar-i-ous to all of us who were awake.

One or two days go by and he sneezes while at the dinner table.  Just a normal sneeze, except you could see a little something still hanging out of his nose and it wasn’t the color of a booger.  Dad to the rescue.

He grabs hold of it with tweezers and low and behold a SILLY BAND comes OUT OF HIS NOSE!

Mystery solved.  If I had a silly band up my nose, I might quack like a duck while sleeping as well.  And for the record, he seemed just as surprised as us that it came out.  We will never know how long it was up there.   (Yet another reason to give thanks for his protection from infection!)

So we are not strangers to this little guy and nose issues.  Turns out he really, really, really doesn’t like to blow his nose.  Which is crazy for a kid who plays everything as if it’s the championship game and has taken more hits in living room sports than this mama would like to remember.  Not to mention he plays hockey.  Enough said.  If he can handle all that tough stuff, what’s the deal with not blowing the boogers?

2012-10-28 08.12.39

Back to the vomiting blood story….we call the pediatrician who is rightly very concerned and Dad brings him in.  Hallelujah for the firefighter schedule so he could take him in and I don’t have to miss work again.   They do a very thorough check up.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking the worst – brain bleed.  It would not surprise me if this guy had given himself a concussion and brain bleed.

Yes, even though I do not work in the medical profession, I realize how irrational that thought is.  But when is the last time your child was vomiting blood?

Turns out, his nose is completely impacted with hardened BOOGERS.  As they are breaking off, mostly during the night, they are causing bleeding, down his throat into his stomach and guess what?  The body can’t digest blood (now I want to know what all you Twilight fans think of that LOL!).  Hence the vomiting.

Whew.  That’s all it is.  He’s got BOOGERS!  Hooray!

So now we’ve moved on to the booger removal phase.  Lots of vaporizing and vaseline and delicate nose blowing.

And what does this have to do with being a fire wife?  Not much except that we all need a bit of a laugh this week.  And I’d bet that some of you fire wife sisters have a very similar little boy living under your roof.  Seriously.  The firefighter apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  It’s like he’d rather endure all the pain and discomfort instead of doing something he doesn’t like.  Stubborn, stubborn boys 🙂

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