How to Find Firefighter Wife at FDIC

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Friday and Saturday I get to experience my first ever FDIC event.  (And more importantly time away with the hubby.  Oh yeah *wink wink* )

But we’d love to meet up with some of you (or your husbands) who will be there.

So how can you find us?

I’ll be wearing a shirt like this:

2013-04-12 16.45.42

I’ll be sporting this cool bag from our sponsor


I’ll be accompanied by this handsome devil:2013-04-21 19.36.21

We will hang out at ICC Friday morning.

We hope to see the beginning of the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lucas Oil Field on Friday between 12:30 – 1:00

I will be at this Fire Wife Meet Up Friday 4:30 PM at The Landings at Maryland food court area.

I will be at the Hard Rock Cafe hanging out with these bloggers event Friday night (see this event) where I have been double dog dared by some curious Fire Wives to find out what’s up with the ‘stache.



And the rest of the time we have either set appointments or will be wandering and would love to meet you!

Best way to reach us during the show

Twitter @wifeonfire





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  1. Cynthia

    I can’t wait to hear how it all went!!! And to find out more about the ‘stache. 😉 Have a great couples time too, Lori!

  2. Heather Isaacs

    Yes, inquiring minds want…no, NEED…to know about the stache’

  3. Captain WInes

    A “double dog dare” huh???? Hummmmm…. wonder what you’ll tell them about it??? LOL. Thanks again for attending the Meet Up. It was GREAT meeting you … Im sure we’ll be working together on many future projects

  4. Heather Isaacs

    She told us how much she loved meeting you and that your stache has great meaning. If you think FF’s have interesting conversations at the fire house, you should hear us gals talk. A big topic of discussion is fruit…bananas and pineapples seem to be tops on the list.

  5. Jessie Jackson

    Lori literally got a “I double dog dare you!”, I’m so glad she made good on her dare, we were all impressed and curious about the monster moustache. Lori had nothing but nice things to say about you and the ‘stache. Thanks for being such a good sport Lori, you KNOW we love you!!!!!!!!


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