I am so excited to announce a new feature on FirefighterWife.com entitled “Fire Up Your Love Life” as we welcome a new partner, Heather Isaacs.  Heather is one of our administrators in the Private Wives Group and one of my biggest personal cheerleaders when life gets tough keeping this site and community all together.  She is *madly* in love with her husband all while holding down a full time corporate job and juggling 5 kids between the two of them.  Can you say superwoman? 
As our community has grown, I’ve been privileged to share with Heather behind the scenes our passion for improving our marriages.  And this includes making love to your husbands ladies.  Regularly and enjoyably.  She and I both realized that there is a lack of understanding, desire and even just a forum to discuss this topic when you have a question or concern.   So Heather has stepped up to help us out in this area as she has signed on as a consultant for Pure Romance and will be a guest writer and community coordinator helping us “Fire Up Your Love Life.”   This does not mean getting all freaky and kinky in ways that make you blush (although you can if you’re game for that.)   This is about tasteful and helpful products and information to make your love life as enjoyable as it’s meant to be.
Stay tuned for details for our new private area where you can have confidential, discrete and classy conversation about those bedroom issues and what can be done to fire up your love life.   In the meantime, please welcome her as our newest sponsor at FirefighterWife.com.
Fire Wife Love ~
Lori Mercer @wifeonfire

Pure Romance by Heather Isaacs


Since meeting my firefighter, I’ve been looking for a group of women that understand the daily struggles of being home alone, working around the “typical” holidays, and supporting a husband who sees things most would never want to even imagine.  I have found an amazing group of women through Firefighterwife.com.  A key part of the group’s mission is to “strengthen marriages.”  Because this is both mine and my firefighter’s second marriage, this part spoke to me.  I’ve learned how to love him selflessly through resources recommended by the ladies of this group.

However, after spending months participating in the chats we have in our private Facebook group, there seems to be a real need for intimacy and relationship enhancement.  From ideas on how to tell your husband how much he’s appreciated to discussions on sex and romance…our sisterhood is open and willing to learn about how to fire up their love lives.  Having grown more comfortable and confident in my own skin and my sexuality, I’ve been able to help some of these women break out of their shells.  With intimacy so obviously an integral part to keeping marriages strong and enhancing relationships, I’ve become involved in Pure Romance.  I like to describe it as a company offering relationship enhancement products and educate women on sexual health and empowering them to be sexy in their own way.  From lotions and bath oils to lingerie, lubricants and toys for the bedroom…Pure Romance has it all.  I’m honored to partner with Firefighter Wife and help women fire up their love lives.  Please visit my site and let me know if you have any questions at all.

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On a mission to be and inspire us all to be better humans, to strengthen fire families & marriages, to nurture and encourage fire wives, do "good business" in all areas of my life and of course, love on my 4 kids.

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  1. Amy Sanborn

    Excited for this new feature! Who couldn’t use a little advice and new ideas in this department?!!

  2. Sarah Cooksey

    Loving the new site! Everyone could use help in this department! 😉

  3. Paula Drum

    Looking forward to getting some tips on how to spice up our love life!


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