I am beyond excited to announce a brand new component to FirefighterWife.com our own personal, private online community

firewifecommunitylaunchThe Fire Wife Sisterhood

Ever since we started our Private Wives Group on facebook in the summer of 2012, so many women have been personally blessed by the fellowship and support and encouragement they have found there.

So much so that we are now over 1200 women WHO NEVER STOP TALKING!  and we are busting out the seams of that group!

So I’m super excited to show you our brand new online community.    I know, I know, I know we’re all addicted to facebook.  And it has its conveniences.  But it’s lacking a few things we need for a group of women this large.

At FirefighterWife.com you will now be able to join the Fire Wife community and then friend and follow all the fire wives you best relate to.  You can “favorite” and “like” and “follow” just like all your social media platforms except that its all contained right here in our private fire wives community.   (And you don’t have to tell anyone but you don’t have to follow those conversations that don’t strike your fancy!)

Our Fire Wife Community is free to join.  Just go to FirefighterWife.com/join and get started right away.

In addition, we are offering the Fire Wife Sisterhood Membership.  When you join the sisterhood you get access to special small groups focused on the topics that matter to you.

We have groups for volunteers, for new fire wives, for pregnant fire wives.  We have Fit Fire Wife, a book club and we have separate areas for the local groups to chat and coordinate all your fun events.

There are safe places to have those intimate discussions when your marriage is really in a crisis moment.   And a group to “Fire Up Your Love Life” for those who are looking for advice on the more intimate details.

I have listened to feedback from so many of you and realize you are all different.

– we work out differently

– we eat differently

– we don’t all “pray” but we’ll certainly send “good vibes and love”

– we’re not all pregnant

– we’re not all in a marriage crisis (at this moment!)

So in this new format we can form more intimate groups and really focus in on the topics in the fire wife community that mean the most to us personally.

And listen up….everyone who is registered for Flame Fest…..your membership is FREE until September 1st!

And one more little surprise….Our first 50 Fire Wife Sisterhood members will receive this one of a kind commemorative chip with our pledge to be “encouraging women who are building stronger marriages”



This has been in the works for a few months and we simply cannot WAIT for you to see all the fun ways to connect in our own very special community.

So come on over and join the sisterhood.  We want to see ALL of you there in the Fire Wife Community.

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On a mission to be and inspire us all to be better humans, to strengthen fire families & marriages, to nurture and encourage fire wives, do "good business" in all areas of my life and of course, love on my 4 kids.