Prayer for Your Firefighter Through the Week

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There is no formula for prayer.  But my mind gets so busy and cluttered a little road map helps me out.  And so does having pretty visual reminders all around me.  Print out a couple of copies of this to stick in prominent (or not so prominent) places around your house such as:

  • Your bedside right next to your alarm
  • On your bathroom mirror
  • By your computer
  • Near your kitchen sink
  • In your journal or book you are currently reading
  • In your purse
  • In your car

You can also put digital copies on your screen or desktop background.But I don’t know how to pray!Don’t worry.  There is no judgement here.  When I finally figured out that so many kinds of prayer are acceptable to God, I stopped comparing myself to others and feeling guilty for not praying enough.   For example, all of these “count” as prayers….

  • A random thought pops in your head walking down the hallway and you think a quick “Protect them Jesus” in your mind
  • You feel the urge to journal a lot of feelings and thoughts….and end up writing them to God
  • You’re talking to someone and a subject comes up and you say “I really hope they __________” and either verbally or mentally say you are praying for them.
  • You “like” a ‘pray for me’ post on Facebook and say a little prayer as you are doing so….then it pops in your head again later and you do the same
  • You pray around the dinner table or at bedtime with your children.  You pray out loud for them but add some extra prayers mentally at the same time.
  • And of course the traditional….you spend 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes each day alone in prayer to God.  Speaking out loud, writing or meditating.  Whether it’s intentional words or just “I don’t know what to say and just want to be with you God”.

And even if you do none of those, God knows.  The fact that you cared to read this post is evidence of that and He loves you just where you are <3

There is nothing more powerful you can do for your husband than pray for him.


After years of trying to do it all myself, I realized there are some (ok, many) places my husband won’t listen to me or that I even don’t know enough about.  I am a woman after all and we definitely don’t think like men.   There have been so many answered prayers in our marriage.

In the moments when I was completely losing hope and had no more left to say, I just went silent and sent him off to the station with my silent pleas to God to help us through this challenge.  Put someone in his path to give him some insight.  Put someone in my path to bring me peace and a faith reminder and a new perspective.

And sure enough, multiple people from the strangest place would step in.

Old marine corps buddies.


Events that bring perspective that our silly argument is just that.  Silly.

Prayer works, no matter how far away you think you might be from God or if you haven’t cracked a Bible in years or if you are a complete hater of whatever religious institution you used to be affiliated with.  And especially if you’re a sinner.  Because we’re all right there with you and God listens to us anyhow.

So right click and save this image to your computer, print it and keep it handy.

prayer starters




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  1. Betty Martin

    Thank you so much for your writings and putting so much in the image format so I can save them to my phone or print them out.

  2. Kelsey Burgoyne

    This is just the focus I needed for praying for my FF. Thank you Lori!

  3. Andi Swatts

    Thanks Lori! This will definitely keep me focused!

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    You didn’t feel the loss of the reality she happens to be obviosly and not approximately the same. Currently from highly regarded, sefless individual that Annie Oakley had become.

  6. Jenna

    Thank you this will help me pray for my husband better!


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