I have to confess I have fallen short on the ScreamFree reading this week and so has Michele.  I think back-to-school season is taking us hostage.  But not for long!   If you all are still trying to catch up, we can extend one more week if needed 🙂

We are on Principle 8 (according to the study guide which most of you probably don’t have but has helped us along here).  The title is “Intimacy always begins with an “I” ”  (keeping with the authentic self theme).

Some quotes from this chapter:

Intimacy is mutual self-representation. ASR in marriage is what we’ve been talking about and promoting throughout this entire book. It’s when an individual voluntarily shares her true self with another, warts and dreams and all. It is the movement of one person willingly making a step toward another, choosing to reveal her hopes, her desires, her preferences, her fears, everything. (p.204)
Beginning to pursue true intimacy is always a centered-self affair, with one spouse acting bravely to initiate with integrity. (p. 206)

Here are some discussion questions for this week – comment below as you feel comfortable:

1.  Is there something you have been wanting to tell your spouse? If you feel the time is right, try it this week and let us know how it goes.
2.  Do you have a hard time sharing with your spouse? Why or why not?
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