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I shared so many thoughts on worry and fear on 9/11 over here at this post and also in my featured article at the California Casualty blog.    And I’m thrilled to see so many people not getting caught up watching replay after replay on their TV but going out and DOING.  Yes doing something, any little act of kindness or service on 9/11.

Call me an idealist.  I don’t care.  I’d rather be this way than stuck in doom and gloom.  I firmly believe it’s our duty to encourage others to do good in the world.

But I also know that is not easy.  We get stuck in bad thought patterns or bad seasons of our life or even just a bad moment.  I had a couple of those myself today.  We’re human.  That’s life.  But the difference between having a moment and letting a moment overtake us is the key here.

And especially as fire wives, I know we can let some wild thoughts run through our head.   Like I mentioned in the California Casualty article:

Every fire wife has thought about her husband dying on duty.  She’s rehearsed the phone call or the knock on the door all the way thru the tears, the funeral and life without him.   I’ve personally found myself lost in thought when I’m driving, waiting for him to call me back after that last interrupted call “Working fire.  Gotta go!  Love you.” Click.  It’s been 3 hours.  Surely they are back by now.   Somewhere those thoughts of “I’m sure they are just busy cleaning up.  Or maybe his cell phone isn’t on him” turn to thoughts of what if.  What if something happened to him?   And before you know it tears are streaming down your face as you’re visualizing his eulogy given by his partner while you hug the kids tightly in the front row.

It’s so real.  Or I should say, we can make things so real in our minds.   And for some women, those thoughts grip them in ferocious fears that paralyze them, unable to act.  Unable to go cook dinner, remember the next task or fall asleep.  Even if you aren’t paralyzed in fear you may still be carrying with you that worry, gnawing in your gut and taking up precious space in your thoughts.

We want our website, our private wives community and everything about to be REAL, to let you know you’re NOT ALONE but to also inspire you to move past those rough spots and continue growing as a person.

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, you can join us on a live call on our Blog Talk  Radio channel with a panel of fire wives who have conquered worry and fear and want to leave you with the tools and inspiration to do the same.

Ended: Click here to join us at 9 PM EST tomorrow or to access the show after that to hear the replay. 

But if you join us live, we’d love to have you call in and answer your questions and share your tips as well.



And be watching for the unveiling of our Fire Wife Academy program – Fire Strong Thinking – The End of Worry, Fear and Restless night.




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