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We challenged everyone on this 12th anniversary of September 11th, to yes remember and honor, but to not get sucked into media hype but to get up and SERVE.  The idea is popular as this is now a National Day of Service and entire campaigns are dedicated to serving such as the #iwill campaign from 911day.com

You can read all the details here are this article.

And you can see everyone who wrote in to tell us about their act of service.




First Name


Tell us about your planned act of service

Eva California My husband and I will be helping someone financially today, haven’t found the right place or person yet but we will by the end of the day. God bless.
Kayla Michigan Serving lunch to our local National Guard Unit and my husband’s fire department.
Julie CA We will take treats to our local firefighters. We will hand out a case of ice cold bottled water to the homeless in our county. And we hand out bags items to the homeless in our county. These were all decided on by my teen boys, who are eager to participate.
Crissy llinois I am a firefighters wife. I joined u p with a chicago charity that help families with terminally ill children. We are ssupported by all firemen and wives. I try to help out with yjis amazing group. We are a 100% volunteer based charity and our rock stars are our fire fighters who take time on days off to help out and make these kids smile. We are operation north pole inc. Www.operationnorthpole.org I am so proud to be a ff wife and to be able to give backto families who only have a short time left to spend with these sick kids .
Jill Utah I wanted to get my kids excited so we are making treats and notes to take to lonely or sick and elderly people in our neighborhood. Also if I am feeling better I am going to mow the lawn of a sick neighbor.
Karen WI Treats delivered to my hubby’s dept. Extra prayers for current and past members. A special prayer for one of our own, although not injured in the line of duty, he was seriously injured at his full time job on Monday. Mikey will have a long painful recovery. We will be visiting him at the hospital Sat.
Tiffany Ca Make breakfast for my husbands fire crew 🙂
Margaret New York Encourage my husband to follow his heart with the volunteer fire service
Jenney Kansas I plan on going to a neighbors house and helping them clean since they are not able to do some of the daily things that they would normally do anymore.
Danielle New Jersey I am going to do some thing that was sparked by the fact that Jessie Harrell Jackson mentioned there is a special on animal planet this week about the search and rescue dogs at the towers…I’m going to our local shelter, donating some blankets (shelter dogs don’t care that our old blankets are well loved and stained!), donating some food and signing up to be a dog walking volunteer
Heather Florida I have arranged for one of the local caterers to meet me at the fire house to cook, serve and clean up. Being able to have an organized day of service helps me focus on the positive things that happened after 9.11. And, it gives me a chance to give back to the community my husband spends a third of our life protecting.
Becky Texas I will be crocheting baby hats for the little ones in the NICU.
Stacey Ohio I ordered an ice cream cake for my husband and his duty crew for 911. The cake reads “In honor of the 343 and VTFD”. It will of course be in red, white, and blue. I wanted to show support to my firefighter and his crew, because I know this day affects them deeply. They continue to grieve for their fire family. I wanted them to feel my love and support on that day.
Lisa New York I will give back to my husband’s fire department who give so much of their time to our community. They are volunteer.I am going to bring a build your own Sundae bar to the station for after drill.It’s small but it’s my way of saying Thank you and remembering the FDNY.
Kelsey VA 5 minutes of prayer and financial donation to a charity
Michele GA I am bummed that I’m leaving for Nashville EARLY Wednesday morning. Still trying to decide what to do since I will be gone and FF will be off shift. I think we will make cookies and take it to our local fire dept.
Lindsey Georgia I am taking a donation to our local food co-op.
Denise Pennsylvania I will do a random act of kindness – I will get a gift card from somewhere and give it to someone I don’t know
Karen WI My husband is the Assistant Chief of the paid on call fire department in Plover WI. Every other Wed is meeting/training night, the opposite Wed he has a team that performs maintenance on the vehicles, wash and polish the floors (this fire house is spotless trust me) and fix anything that needs it around the fire house. I am going to have a cook out at the fire house for them, providing a picnic dinner with all the fixin’s to show my appreciation.
rhonda FL I’ll be preparing dinner for all three shifts at my husband’s station on the 10th-12th.
Jessica Ga I’m still thinking but it may be teacher related. Something I can send to school with my child.
Debbie New Jersey I will buy someone a cup of coffee. 

But it doesn’t end here……#servefirst

On the first of every month our Fire Wife Community will pledge to perform an act of service.  It might just be something small from each of us.  A hug, a smile, buying a cup of coffee.  Or it could be big.  What if we all took that day off work to volunteer at a food pantry?  Wow!  Fire Wives are heroes too and can totally change a community.

So be ready because October 1st is around the corner.

Who are you going to #servefirst?


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  1. Shellie

    On this sad day when so many are hurting…I just left some flowers and a card on a friends porch that lost her precious Daddy this week. Wanted to make this day a little kinder for someone special. In memory of the 343 selfless souls that gave the ultimate sacrifice 12 years ago. We are lucky to be married to such selfless heroes. <3


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