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We’ve listened to fire wives for the past year tell us about your worries and fears and concerns that ONLY fire wives can understand.  And we answered your questions over and over on Facebook and in our private wives group, the Fire Wife Sisterhood.   And now you can have the best of of all this information in one place, not just in a boring book, but an actual program that will walk you through your fire wife fears and worries and bring you out a transformed woman ready to tackle anything the Fire Wife life can throw at you.

This is just the first in a series of program we are offering in the Fire Wife Academy.  Read on……

What is the Fire Wife Academy?

The Fire Wife Academy is an online and interactive training center designed specifically for the wives of firefighters.  Your fireman attends all kinds of training to keep him safe and knowledgeable while doing his job.  And now you have a resource as well to help you through all fire life those challenges no one else understands…..unless they are married to a firefighter.

The Fire Wife Academy offers eBooks and programs for the fire wife’s mind, body and soul.  For your marriage, your family and for living an abundant life of a fire wife.

Here you will find practical hands on exercises, tips from experienced fire wives and stories you can relate to that will inspire you and motivate you to live your best fire wife life.

These are not just another novel or dry instruction manual or disjointed series of partial blog posts (guilty blogger right here!)  These eBook downloads include practical content such as:

  • Real life testimonies

  • Practical tips and tricks that may only apply to a fire family

  • Thoughtful questions to guide you through a discovery process via journaling

  • Printable signs, reminders, cards and notes to post and keep handy at all times

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This training is sent to you automatically via email and includes this program:

Fire Strong Thinking:  The End of Worry, Fear and Restless Nights?


This program can help any Fire Wife face her own unique fears and worries and beat them once and for all.  Improving your thinking skills is a lifelong learning process.

As a fire wife, worry and fear and sometimes sleepless nights are ALL normal part of the fire life.  No matter how with-it or together some fire wives appear, most all of us struggle with this issue at one point or another.

This Fire StrongTM Thinking training is full of over 150 pages practical advice, specific to the fears and worries of a fire wife, and will walk you through a journey to a more confident and peaceful mind.  Clear away the clutter of worries.  Free yourself from fear.  Plus, actively attack nighttime (or daytime) anxiety to become a more peaceful and content firefighter wife.

In this training course, there are four chapters to work through:

  • The Cure for a Case of the Fire Wife Worries

  • Free Your Brain From the “What If” Prison –  Facing Your Fears as a Fire Strong™ Wife

  • Solitude in Slumber:  Outwit the Boogie Man and Beat Those Lonely Bed Blues

  • Fire StrongTM Forever:  Steps to Confident, Healthy Thought Patterns That Last


Each chapter is included in this eBook.  For four weeks you will also receive a weekly email with a video to introduce you to the next chapter’s topic and encourage you every step of the way.

Practical exercises are included within each chapter.  You can either print them out and write away or use your favorite journal for your notes.

At the end of each chapter there is a list of ideas that you can put into practice for the next week.  This is the section where you don’t just read about turning your bad brain-groove into a good one, you actually do it!
Feel free to go at your own pace.  At the end of this training, you will walk away with some of that useless worry-clutter cleared out of your mind, making way for more positive thoughts and sweet dreams to get you through the night.


How Do I Use the Fire StrongTM Thinking Program?

In this eBook you will find 4 chapters that you can do at your own pace.  Each chapter contains these sections:

  • A witty, wise and informative commentary and lesson focused on helping you to learn more about the fire service, you, and your firefighter.

  • Real Life Testimonials, from fire wives, that pertain to that chapter’s topic.

  • Hands On Training has exercises for you to immediately try so that your learning will really stick with you.

  • A Question and Journaling area is for silent reflection, so you can record what you’ve learned in this training and review it in the future.

  • A “Take Action” list where you choose one specific action to apply that week.

  • At least one printable, because printables totally rock and you can put them on your phone screen, computer desktop or literally print them and hang them on your mirror as a reminder.

  • A quotable tweetable, since some of you might be more into tweets than printables.

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If you still want more, you can join our Fire Wife Sisterhood online community and interact with all of these writers and thousands of other fire wives……who have been there or are there and are choosing not to do it alone.  The sisterhood is Fire Strong™!

You will receive the first chapter right away and then watch for an email each of the next 3 weeks with a chapter to download and a video to watch.

These eBooks can be read on any device – PC, Kindle, Nook, iPad, or any smart phone.


This is no longer available with purchase.



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