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As most people know, our firefighters have very odd schedules (odd to most people = normal to us). It’s only more complicated with those of us that have kids in school, working outside the house, and kids involved in extra-curricular activities. This being my second marriage, I didn’t always live this lifestyle…you know, having my husband gone for 24 hours every third day. I was used to the “normal” married lifestyle with both of us working 9-5 outside of the home. This new lifestyle has forced me to be creative with the time I have with my husband, which as some of you know, is only 10 minutes some mornings.

finding alone time

Here are some creative ways to make the most of your time aside from the traditional “date night”:

• Early morning breakfast date. This one is hard for me because I already wake up so early to get myself (and sometimes the kids) ready for work. But, a couple of times I have set my clock for an hour earlier so I can have breakfast ready when he returns home from his shift. This totally speaks to his “Acts of Service” love language. He is usually the cook in our house, so coming home to a pseudo-gourmet breakfast is awesome.

• Middle of the day lunch dates. For a lot of fire service families, these are crucial, especially when the kids are in school. At least once a month, we try to make time to go to the other person’s part of town (where we are working) and meet up for lunch. It may be 30 minutes or even as long as an hour…but the important part is that it’s just us and we can have our adult conversation without hearing “Mooooooommmmmm” or “Daaaaaaddddd.” These dates keep us alive and connected better than almost anything.

• Late night fireside chats. We live in Orlando, so fireplaces aren’t really an option for us. But, we live on a lake and have a beautiful swimming pool with a fire pit. On more than one occasion…after we’ve put the kids to bed…we will go outside, light up the fire pit and listen to music. We each take turns playing our favorite songs and sometimes even end up singing them to each other. We may or may not have skinny dipped at times too!

I wouldn’t give up living this life with my fireman for anything. The important thing to remember is to make your marriage first and connect whenever you can.

Tell us about the best way you have found to make alone time for you and your fireman.


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