Fire-Wife-Fashion2We are so excited to welcome Mia Salituro from as our Fire Wife Fashion Columnist!  So Mia is not a fire wife but I have never met a sweeter, more positive young woman who has such a gift at making women of all shapes and sizes look and feel beautiful.  She is the genius behind the dress I wore to Flame Fest 2013 (because that is never a dress I would have picked for myself!).  Mia has a heart for the world and has traveled extensively and on her website brings us very affordable and stylish fashions.  What Fire Wife wouldn’t love that?  Better yet, what fireman wouldn’t love to see his wife feeling beautiful about herself?   This is only the first so stay tuned as she shares many more fashion tips with us each month.   
Thank you for blessing our Fire Wife community with your gifts Mia!!!   <3 Lori, Chief Fire Wife


OK, You’re getting ready in the morning, you barely have time to brush your teeth and yet something inside of you tells you that you should manage to look Good! Ha! Yeah right! Pass me the sweats and t-shirt and I’m good to go!

What if I told you that looking like you’re ready for the red carpet could be just as easy as putting on those sweats? Seriously! I’ve gotten ready in 5 minutes and had people tell me that I look Fancy! hehe Well, now I’m ready to unleash those secrets to a woman who needs them! I know that you have a Busy lifestyle and I know that these tips will make your Life a WHOLE LOT easier, not to mention a whole lot Sexier! ;D

These are some of the “Sneaky” Sexy dressing tips that you Need to know about!

Tip #1

Maxi Dress


The Maxi Dress or as I call it the “All the way down to the feet dress”


  • Gives you a long , lean figure & a clean line
  • Makes you look taller!
  • Makes your legs look longer!
  • You can bend down and pick up the kid’s toys without your undies showing
  • Appropriate for BOTH a Hot Date with your Husband and church
  • Makes you feel like a Princess


Where to Buy:

Head on over to Victoria’ for this crocheted maxi dress , or to Cache for this Red Carpet Worthy dress

What to Look For:

A form fitting dress that goes all the way down to the feet, preferably a solid color


Tip # 2

Body Hugging


I want to meet Oprah’s stylist. They know how to make her look Gorgeous! Classy & Sexy! Notice that she is usually always in pieces that hug her body.


Notice the difference that wearing a body hugging dress makes on me. From blah to “VA VA VOOM!”


  • For the Sexiest shape possible
  • Your Husband loves your body, so why cover it up when you get dressed everyday? I bet he’ll appreciate a body hugging dress as well. : )

Where to Buy:

Again, I’m going to recommend Victoria’ also has some body conscious dresses.

What to Look For:

As a no fail rule: Go for body hugging dresses that are Maxi dresses or body hugging dresses that hit right below the knee like this one that Jennifer Hudson is wearing:

NOW this

Tip # 3



Wohooo! There’s Lori looking like a Movie Star at Flame Fest 2013! What’s her secret? Well, besides being Gorgeous, THIS dress! Want to look like a movie star? Try an asymmetrical top! It gives off a Super Glam, Super Sexy Vibe, while still being conservative & “Sneaky Sexy.”


  • Gives a super attractive, appealing line
  • Movie Star effect
  • Easy Glam when you don’t have time to accessorize

Where to Buy:

You can get this same exact dress at Victoria’sSecret here.

What to Look For:

This can work in a dress or a top. Make sure that the asymmetrical designs doesn’t cause your side armpit or chest to be exposed in a way that you don’t want them to be. Look for asymmetrical With Coverage.

Tip #4




  • Makes your legs look longer
  • Makes your waist look smaller
  • Gives you more of an hourglass figure
  • You’ll feel Amazing!

Where to Buy:

Victoria’ and Bebe would work for this. Also if you have a vintage shop near you, a lot of vintage style dresses have high waists.

What to Look For:

Try to determine where the waist is, if it’s high, it’s usually good. 🙂


Tip #5

Illusion Dress


OH La La! Instant Hour Glass! An Illusion dress really brings out your Sexy side!


  • Gives an instant hourglass figure
  • Enhances your curves
  • easy pick me up
  • AWESOME date night option!

Where to Buy:

I have an Illusion dress on my site. I also found an AWESOME gallery of Illusion dresses here. May be worth having a look and seeing if any are affordable!

What to Look For:

Keep your eyes out for these! Just because something says it gives you an hourglass figure, doesn’t mean it does so well, so be sure to take a good look at the dress to make sure that the shape given by thus dress, is truly the shape that you want.

Once you’ve got these tips down, shopping will be so much easier & I can Guarantee the complements will come rolling in!

If you have any questions about what dress is right for you, feel free to post a comment below & I will reply! Have a dress that you’re thinking of buying? Post the link below, & I’ll let you know if it is the best choice or not. 😀

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