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Honestly, this is a code that I have been wanting to crack and haven’t really, until this article. I did some Serious Investigating and have some great news and tips to bring to you about how to bring out your natural features by the colors that you wear.

When you want to buy that dress in a million colors, this will help! ; )

For Red Heads:


I’ve choosen two girls to investigate – Christina Hendricks, Mad Men star and Coco Rocha, Super Model

The reason why I chose these two is because they are both Beautiful women who don’t fall victim very often to covering up their natural beauty. Christina Hendricks especially uses color to her advantage. Their stylists obviously pay very close attention to their coloring and features!

Let’s take a look first at Christina, who is a Brick Red.

Here are the Colors that work for her:


Emerald Green!

You’ll see this Star often times in Green, especially emerald greens. I feel that this is her most outstanding color!



Christina looks like a Dream in lilac! It is Amazing what this color does to her entire complexion.


Pink / Rose


Oh my, Oh My! Ladies, do I hear date night color? πŸ˜€

Let’s move on now to Coco, who is an Auburn.

Here are the Colors that work for her:


Royal Blue!

Look up pictures of Coco Rocha online; you will find that she Always stands out in Royal Blue. This color complements her auburn hair so well and she just glows!


Creme / Peach

I’m not quite sure what to call this color, but it works for her! In fact, I found that this was the other color where her picture Flew off the page when she wore it. She really stands out in this color and it gives her entire complexion a radiant glow. I think the pink hues in this color really help to do that. This one surprised me, but there’s no denying that she looks Radiant wearing this Color!

Now, we’re going to Dive In and Discover Jewel Tones! You can hardly talk about looking Radiant without bringing up jewel tones. I showed you some jewel tones above, but now I’m going to show you how jewel tones can work for anyone, Let’s Go!


Have a Complexion and Coloring like Halle Berry? Lucky You!

Now, it’s time to show it off!

Garnet or ruby red / deep reds work well for you!


Have Brown Eyes and Blonde Hair?

Here’s a Super Color Code for you: Amethyst

Keep your eyes out for this tone. A tone that is too dark may make you look Blah, but this color will make your features POP!


Have Blue Eyes?

This is another features that so many envy. Show it off! Match your eyes with your dress. Also, a necklace or pair of earrings with blue as the main stone will set your features on fire!

And, The Magic Color for ANYONE & EVERYONE is…


Smoky Quartz!

This brown has a warm grey undertone and makes all skin complexions Glow!

What a handy little trick!


Do you have a feature, eye color, hair color or complexion that you want to bring out? Write it down in the comments below and I’ll investigate it for next week’s article. If you want a really personal color coding, send your picture along with your comment!

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