60683_10151523684842356_1406815675_nWhat’s one of the most embarrassing things a fire wife can do to her fireman?

Accidentally set a fire in their home.  Yikes!

So today started a little crazy for me.  Conference call in the midst of getting 3 kids out the door to the bus.  The coffee pot is broken so I turned on the tea kettle on the gas stove top to boil water.  It’s fairly new but the whistler broke in it.

I get an urge to get up and walk out of my office and I immediately smell smoke.  The kettle is completely dry and burning up on the stove top!!!  No flames, no smoke but mega hot and I almost burned myself grabbing it.   Holy smokes literally!  My heart was pounding with this near miss.  So it started a great discussion in our Fire Wife Sisterhood of fire wife “close calls”.  Here are a few to make you smile.  Can you believe that photo?  That’s for real!  Just last week in California.  (LOL – now we can chuckle at her!!)

Anonymous Fire Wife in California

Feel free to laugh at my near-death experience! I had this precious plan…last day of kids vacation and I wanted to cook my fam a wonderful breakfast and have a cozy fire going when everyone woke up and came downstairs. I went to light my gas fireplace, which I’ll admit I’ve never been comfortable with. I lit the long matchstick, turned the gas “key” on, and my match flame went out. I quickly tried to light another matchstick (insert rookie move here) and didn’t bother to turn off the gas. Oops….needless to say, the fresh match ignited…and so did I!!!! My hero fireman laughed when he saw me, as did my children, and told me my hair smelled terrible!!! I lost some hair, hence the bangs I’m rockin now, and half my left eyelashes! My scalp stung for a few days, and I now ask my courageous Teenboy Zach or Herohubby Beves to light that fireplace! Hahahah I took a quick pic and sent it to my hair dresser Michelle. She called immediately and I was in the shower…her voicemail still makes me laugh lol!!!!!
And btw, we had cold cereal for breakfast!!!

Anonymous Fire Wife in Georgia

My relationship with my FF began with an (almost) apartment fire. I had only known him a week when I came home from a girls night out, to the sound of my smoke alarm going off. My blinds were torn up, because my dog was inside going wild. So my friend and I got in the house, she grabbed my dog while I ran in to assess the situation and disarm the smoke alarm. That’s when I noticed that one of the burners on my stovetop was glowing red and the pan that had had one cinnamon roll, and rings of icing from earlier that day was on that burner, and the last cinnamon roll was missing. He must have had dumb luck, because he managed to cut the burner on with his paw while retrieving the treat.

As it would happen, with sugar and heat, the icing caught on fire shortly thereafter. I could have kicked myself in the rear when I figured out what had happened. I promptly called Bobby to let him know if they had gotten a call about a smoke alarm at University Place Apartments, to stand down, and that it was under control. But, he came over anyways with the some fans to ventilate my apartment and check it out. He was my hero, and my girlfriend immediately wanted one of her own. Embarrassing? Yes, I felt like it was a major “fail” for a firefighters girlfriend.

Happy to see my new “McHottie”? An even bigger YES!

He didn’t tell me until a few months later how bad it really was, or how close it had gotten to a major event. It was almost a year later when I was packing up my apartment that I found a jet black ash that was an inch in diameter, on one of my books, on a shelf, on the other side of my apartment. It gave me chills.

Anonymous Fire Wife in Arizona

Ok confession time. I put some oil on to heat so I could toast some noodles. (Sopas for those of you close to the border) I ran to go pee and forgot about it. Then my six year old yells at me. “Mom you really gotta come in here”. My pan was on fire. I had a second of panic. Then the thought I “oh crud joe is working tonight what do I do“. I know it was all God because I remembered no water on a grease fire. I grabbed the lid covered the pan. Once the flames were out I took the pan outside. Felt panicky and shaky afterwards. Had to call and confess all to my hubby. Couldn’t hide it since it turned my white hood black. Hubby wasn’t happy with me but glad it wasn’t worse. I got the lecture about fire safety and I deserved it. Should have known better. I am a scatterbrain at times. My hubby knows that but I still get lectures when I goof up.

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