On last week’s article I shared with you the colors that make your hair, complexion and features POP!

This week, I’m taking some of your pictures that YOU sent me

and I’m showing you what some of your Best colors are!

First Up:



Carolyn is a natural red head, with blue eyes and pale skin that seems to have a bit of a pinkish undertone.

Here are her celebrity color twins:


I took some of the colors that look Outstanding on Isla and Amy and found out if they work well for Carolyn.

Let’s give it a look!


They worked! Above are some of the colors that look Outstanding on Carolyn!

And Carolyn, Here is your celebrity color inspiration:


Next Up!



Tracie has brown hair and a medium – fare complexion. Today we’re going to focus on bringing out her Beautiful brown hair! Brown hair is Awesome to play with!

Here is Tracie’s celebrity color twin:


Tracie even has the same red undertone to her skin as Julia Roberts does. This was an Awesome match for Tracie!


Above are some of the colors that suit Tracie

And Tracie, Here is your celebrity color inspiration:


Last, but not least we have:



Lindsay has light brown hair, that looks blonde in the sunlight, green eyes and fair skin.

Here is Lindsay’s celebrity color twin:



Above, are some of the colors that work well on Lindsay. These colors bring out a vibrant complexion!

Although Lindsay and Cameron do not have the same color eyes, some of the colors that warm up Cameron’s complexion also warm up Lindsay’s complexion.

Lindsay, here is your Celebrity color inspiration!


Fire Wives, I hope you enjoyed your Free color consultation! Have fun with color and try putting different colors of fabric up to your face to see which ones bring out your eyes, hair, complexion and make your features POP!

~ THANK YOU to all of the Beautiful Models!

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