Yah! An excuse to wear tons of pink! October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what a great idea for Women to Rock Pink for the awareness of Breast Cancer.


Will you be attending any Pink Parties?  Or maybe you just want to spread the message wherever you go! Here are some ways to Rock Pink at a Party, at Starbucks, anywhere!


And don’t forget, when someone asks you about the cute outfit that you’re wearing, don’t forget to tell them why you’re wearing it! ;D

#1 GO ALL In!

The first strategy is to go ALL in! I’m talking a solid pink dress, a basic pink tee, or a pair of pink pants! Pull out that pink coat!

Here’s How It’s Done!


Pink Dress From Victoria’s Secret


Pink Dress for a classic, timeless look



My Grandma Rocking a Pink coat!


Romantic Lace Top (Coral) from my shop : ), ForeignChic



I LOVE this example! This can easily be paired with your jeans, or the pants or even high waisted skirt that you wear usually. P.S. Red and pink go together so well. Try a red lip with your pink outfit to make it Really POP!


#2 A little Pink goes a long way!

My first recommendation is to pack a punch of course and find a pink shirt, dress, or pair of pants that you can wear, but if you can’t find these pieces in your wardrobe, no Worries, you can still look Fantastic! Here’s what to Look for:


  • Hats
  • Purses
  • Scarves
  • Shoes

Let me show you some Examples:








Shoes – Yep! Rain or Shine!



Pink Shawl

A shawl is such an Easy way to look Fancy and to control the Main color of your outfit without having to have a piece of clothing that is that color. P.S. – As far as I know, a shawl is just a scarf draped around your shoulders. 🙂 Have a pink scarf? If you want the shawl look, just drape it around your shoulders & have Fun!



Pink Head Scarf, brought to you by none other than Barbie! 😉



Another Fabulous example of a head scarf – This is a great way to Rock pink because this is a part of you that is always showing. Add a Smile and be an Awesome Supporter for Breast Cancer Awareness.





#3 Pink & Pearls


Awesome combo! Cover up the pearls in these pictures and the pink just won’t stand out as much. There is something about Pearls & Pink that is just outstanding!



Again, I know it may seem silly at first, but Barbie is an Awesome style inspiration, simply because lots of her styles are classic and since the stores count on aesthetic appeal for Barbies to sell, the appearance is usually very spot on – particularly with the vintage style Barbies.



Here she is again, Barbie wearing pink & pearls.



And again! This time, she pairs pink with a very elegant, unique looking pearl necklace and dangling drop pearl earrings.


I hope that you Love these tips and if you need any help getting creative and putting together a Pink outfit with what you have, let me know what you’re working with in the comments below!


Signing out & showing off my Hot Pink faux leather jacket!


Love, Mia

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