Pink Party Wrap Up

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Did you make it to the PINK PARTY?

What a blast! We laughed. We cried. We played. We announced!

And we honored, educated and celebrated strong fire wives giving cancer a big fight!

  • First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Teespring campaign. We raised over $3500 in funds for!!! Bravo to all of you for making that a success!
  • A special thank you to all of our sponsors! MN8FoxFire, Mia at, and
  • And a big warm thank you to Cindy El from Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation for sharing a video with us here.


Sharing Their Stories

From the bottom of our hearts, the biggest thank you goes to those survivors and everyone who did interviews from our Sisterhood. Putting a voice to these stories certainly is touching lives. We already have news of wives making appointments with their doctors for check ups. Way to go ladies for sharing and changing lives! More hugs and love could not have been shown when our very own fire fighter wives, who either had or are battling cancer right now, shared their stories in person, LIVE!

Here are a couple of their interviews done earlier in the week on our blog. Operation Keep Them Bouncing, and Surviving Breast-Cancer-Choosing-To-Be-Proactive  written by Ashley Testerman and Jennifer Edwards.

  • All the videos we shared from survivors like Wife Cancer Fighter Christine Pabst, plus, are here at WifeOnFire’s Channel.

Ever heard of Angelina Jolie’s brave choice in preventing breast cancer? Now there is this, very highly controversial, very courageous way. Expect an email and links coming in the Sisterhood for a very moving video on preventative elective mastectomy coming in a couple weeks, as we walk 3 of our very own Fire Wives through this process.

You Can See The Heart Of This Group Right On Their Faces!

spreecast ashley smaller

spreecast jennie

spreecast pink party screen capture 2spreecast ashley

On The Edge Of Our Seats For Giveaways and Cancer Awareness!

Who doesn’t love trivia?!


1.  For this gorgeous pink scarf, compliments of our very own fashion expert Mia from What is the most common form of cancer across the whole population (male / female) in the US?scarfmagenta61-300x400

The Answer?  Skin Cancer. Congrats Heather Isaacs on your speedy typing skills!

2. Did you know what the three-step plan for early detection of breast cancer is?Pink light2
The Answer? Breast Self Exam, Clinical Breast Exam, Mammography. The Flashlight Nerd in your life will be envious of this awesome pink heavy duty flashlight Jean Auberzinsky! Woo Congrats Girl!


3. For the GORGEOUS Pink necklace again from Mia, had everyone in suspense with this question: The third most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide is_______Perfectly-Punctual-Necklace-400x400
The Answer?  Cervical cancer. Congratulations Jenny Beth Bartett! It is going to look gorgeous on you!


4. Then for this fabulous pink helmet wrap from MN8 that glows blue in the dark. Name the 3 most commonly diagnosed cancers in men.

pink helmet band2
The Answer?  Lung, Prostate and Stomach. Congratulations Angela Rhodes pink helmet band on your way! Your man will be extra safe!



What You Have ALL Been Waiting For!

FlameFest 2014 is going to be held in… CHICAGO!!!!!
So that no one misses any of the love, and life saving information, here is the recording of our Pink Party! Can’t wait to see you at the next one!

Till Next Time, Much Love,


Lori Mercer

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