Movember: Submit your Firefighter’s Stache!

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Is your firefighter growing a mustache for Movember?
Does he already have a nice mustache?
Yes? Then FirefighterWife Wants to see it!
Want to know more about Movember? Continue reading…


What is Movember?

It is a play on words changing November to Movember. It is to encourage men to grow a mustache for the duration of the month to bring awareness to male cancer.  You can find out more about Movember in detail HERE.  Did you know firefighters face a much higher risk of cancer? Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation is a valuable resource.

Now we know that mustache’s get very mixed reviews amongst the ladies.  For example, my husband looks like a total creeper when he tries to grow one!  And I don’t even need to express my displeasure at the scratchies because our daughters now voice that for me.   There is nothing I love more than a smooth, freshly shaved and yummy smelling cheek!   But….for the cause.  Yes, for the tradition and for the cause.

And I’d be remiss in this post if I didn’t share my most favorite firefighter mustache EVER…..  Captain Willy Wines of


In fact, his mustache is in a contest right now at this link.  Do us a favor and go vote for him by liking his photo.

So, Share Your Fireman’s Stache Wih Us

During the entire month of November we feature a Mustache of the Day! Firefighter Wives (fiances and girlfriends) can submit an entry of your firefighters ‘stache for a chance to be selected as the FirefighterWife Mustache of the Day.  A new ‘stache will be featured daily on our Facebook page for the entire month of “Movember”!

Be sure to enter your firefighter’s photo and keep your eye on on Facebook for a new daily ‘stach.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER has all your Movember info.

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Just a small town girl married to a firefighter since 2008, but she's so much more than a Fire Wife. She's been a member of the FirefighterWife family since 2012 and knows marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.


  1. Ashley Krogh

    i would totally put a picture of tom on here, when he had to grow one, but he looks like a creepier…HAPPY MOVEMBER!

  2. Kathleen Rafnel

    I’ve submitted several pics of Randy–but, not sure how to tell if you got ’em!!! LOL! The last one I submitted with his full white beard and mustache is one of my favorites…BECAUSE, he hasn’t picked up a razor since he retired and this is the result (although I’ve trimmed it up a time or two when he started to look like he could be a member of the Duck Dynasty family!). After being in the military AND FF for all those years, he would say (oh, probably regularly during his last year of service) when he retired he was going to grow a beard, a ponytail (THAT hasn’t happened…YET!!!)….I guess next, he’ll get an earring, a tattoo and a Harley…LOL!!! Let me know if you DID NOT GET pics I sent…I think I submitted THREE…the first one was obviously BEFORE he retired…I took THAT pic of MY HOT FIREMAN as he was coming in off the water after a Bass Tournament down in Central Florida (yup, he’s a Fishin’ Fireman) I SO want to see his MUG & stache as a MOVEMBER MUSTACHE OF THE DAY!!!! <3 😉

  3. janetssa

    Submitted a pic of my FF! Trying hard to grow his Mo’ and support the cause! He is hosting a Movmeber charity event at his CrossFit Gym… so proud! He should be featured for all his work toward the cause!


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