Rescue Pack: Holiday Edition

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Do you know what the Rescue Pack Exchange is?

  • Members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood who choose to will sign up for a package exchange aka a “Rescue Pack” that contains items to “Rescue” your fire sister.  It can be anything on her list of likes that you will receive when you receive your Sister’s information.  It’s simple and just one of the MANY programs we have going on for the Fire Wife Sisterhood.

To participate in the exchange, you must be a member of the Fire Wife Sisterhood. To see more information. join us at


Sisters, ready for the next Rescue Pack Exchange?
We’re switching things up a bit!  November & December are going to be combined and we’ve chosen a THEMED PACK… are you ready?  Can you guess?  Our theme is going to be…..


Don’t cringe just yet!

Some of you who aren’t so “artsy fartsy” still have everything it takes to make a great pack.  I promise, this theme does not exclude anyone and I’ll give you all the information you need to make a GREAT Homemade Holidays Rescue Pack.  There will also be an option on the sign up form to list any of the homemade goodness you like to do, so be thorough when answering ALL questions.


  • Sign up by November 8th

  • Matches will be emailed to by November 12th

  • Mail out NO LATER than December 5th

  • Virtual Party will be on December 17th

  • Do NOT open your pack until the Virtual Party!  We’ll all open them together! If you can’t make the Virtual Party, we’ll follow the honor system, don’t open until that day 🙂 The Party is optional.

What to send:

Don’t let the homemade theme scare you.  YOU GOT THIS!  Around a $10 value, if you feel led to go over, that is fine!  If you can barely make the $10, that is just as fine!  Just remember to put the love in the box, there is no competition or feeling bad on ANYONE’S part!  When you get your match email, read through your sister’s answers from the sign up form, you’ll find good info there!  Homemade can be anything YOU make yourself from soaps to cookies or anything you buy that someone handmade. You can even send your sister supplies for things she can make herself!  Supplies, kits and even baking mixes!  You get the picture. See… it isn’t so scary now is it?!  Don’t forget to include a letter revealing your identity and telling your sister a little bit about yourself!

STILL need ideas?  Candies or baked goods.  Jellies and Jams.  Homemade canned items.  Jewelry. Keychains.  Decorated shirts.  Sewn items like aprons.  Christmas Ornaments.  Personalized items. Wall hangings.  Home decor.  Painted coffee mugs.  Brownie, cake or cookie mix. Recipe cards blank or with recipes!  A baking pan.  Knitting needles.  The options are endless.

***For Religious items, please note their religious preference noted in their info. For homemade goodies and treats, please be mindful of any allergies and if your sister said she would like edible goods or not.  (There is a place on the form to say Yes or No Thank you to food items)

A little advice on shipping:

Please mail on time so that we all beat the holiday package traffic.

We highly recommend using Priority Mail because it is usually only a small cost more and they offer free tracking/$50 insurance on your package. You can mail using your own packaging or the boxes offered by the Post Office.
Be sure to keep your receipts in case we need to track or you need to file a claim.

Avoid odd shaped packages. If you use your own box and have light weight items, this will save you money, even with Priority.  I suggest using your own packaging, even with Priority.  Saves money.  A 6×6 inch box you can buy at Wal-mart for 25¢ ships for about $6 Priority Mail from my Post Office.  If your items are heavier, Flat Rate Priority Boxes are the best option.  You can go to USPS.COM to calculate pricing, see rate/box information and see services offered. If you chose to ship any other way with the Postal Service, I ask that you opt for a tracking number. This costs pennies on the dollar and offers peace of mind.

Remember that you must be a member of the Fire Wife Sisterhood to participate in Rescue Packs. If you want to sign up, join us here.

Now, if all of that is taken care of and you’re ready to sign up and rescue a sister… click HERE

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