Last week’s article on Holiday dressing, totally wet my palate for more. I am a girl who LOVES to see all of my options! As I’ve been casually thinking throughout the last two weeks or so about what I would like to wear for the holidays, the first question that came into my mind was: What color will I wear?

This seems to be a way that really helps me get dressed without the stress and most importantly, makes me feel satisfied and beautiful after the dress / outfit is on. : )

So, I’ve put together a Rainbow of Holiday Colors for you!
I’ve used the colors of the rainbow to show you your different options.
This way, you have a really nice visual and you can easily see which one or which few of these you would like to wear this Holiday season.

Plunge into the options of color and HAVE FUN!

1st Up! RED!



This is such a Holiday classic. I definitely want to wear red sometime this holiday season. Red is so easy to dress up. You can wear it with silver jewelry and silver accents as seen in the photo above or you could add a warm, rich hue to it by accessorizing with gold.


You can also add a shawl with this or for a fantastic vintage look, go for some fur or faux fur. White faux fur with this red would be gorgeous! Also, a creme colored fur would be nice. Play around and experiment. Don’t be afraid to be too bold. Sometimes those bold accessories aren’t as bold as we think and they end up looking fantastic when everything is paired together. : )


And yes, pregnant beauties can rock red too! Look at how amazing Jessica Simpson looks in this red look. The red really complements her hair and skin tone well! She is definitely glowing!


Doesn’t this just make you want to wear red with your hair down? I usually always have my hair up in a “ballerina bun” tied up tight above my head, but this makes me want to shake my hair loose and feel sexy! πŸ˜€

2nd in the Rainbow of Spectacular Holiday Colors! Orange


Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.


Orange is a color that I feel many of us shy away from – I definitely have! It actually adds a nice glow! Once you try it out, you may be hooked.

The color orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates the appetite. For a healthy, youthful glow, try centering your holiday look around orange.

Next up! Yellow!


Yellow is SUCH a cheerful color and is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

I recommend trying a bright, fresh shade of yellow, like the shade of the tutu dress above. The shade of the dress on the bottom left starts to look a bit dingy. I like the color overall, but this is just something to look out for. A deep yellow can look regal, like gold, however if you look at it and even think of the word dingy, go with your instincts and pass on it! When you look at the yellow it should make you feel cheerful! It should make your eyes widen with delight!

TIP: Add Jewels, Pearls etc. to give any color the official Holiday look. The Holidays are ALL about Dazzle! Dazzle it up!


Here is one that was very popular last week!



I am sharing the same photos that I shared last week, because I feel that these looks are both a really great representation of using green for a Smashing holiday ensemble!



Ohhh, my, I fell in love while searching for dresses in this color. I REALLY REALLY want a new one now…. The color is



I have to admit, this color is easy to pull off. This would work with so many different types of skin tones, hair colors etc. I like it because it’s a sophisticated twist to black.



This darker shade of blue above can serve as an alternative to black. In fact, this shade to me looks like an even more polished version of what this dress would look like in black. This blue version reminds me of Princess Diana. The great thing with this color is that it is an awesome staple and from here you can add silver accessories, gold accessories or a lovely pair of white pearls.

Last, but not least….



Purple is one of those perfect holiday colors! This shade is especially a classic and definitely oozes that aura of the Holiday feeling!


Ohhh, dare to wear black gloves with your purple! This combo is rich! Luxe!


Another great visual of the Gorgeous touch of purple.

There you go!

Now, you have a nice visual of the different color options that you have this Holiday season.

If you want to share, in the comments below, let us know what color or colors you’re eyeing up to wear for your Christmas and Holiday get togethers. I can’t wait to see what the most popular color is! πŸ˜€

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