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In the middle of a 72 on a Friday night. My special 30% off coupon for Kroger Marketplace (that I strategically stocked up in November so we could earn) is expiring and the kids haven’t bought gifts for each other yet.

Yes. I did it. I took them solo and probably looked just like that crazy woman you’ve all seen barking out commands to her children. (lovingly of course)

“Go stand over there with your sister while your brother picks out his gift for you.”

“You’re not allowed to look in that cart!”

(and after we were there for 1 and a half hours)
“I asked you 7 times to stop running in front of my cart while playing tag”

Everyone’s feet hurt. I’d had shoes on since 6:30 am when I took my oldest to school early for an FCA meeting. No shower-ball cap-kinda day.

Of course my firefighter calls while we are in the store in the heat of a discussion about exactly which color of kitchen towels we are buying for our cousin who we drew in the family exchange. He has seemed to have the impeccable timing ever since I was prego with #3 and carting a 3 year old and 1 year old through Walmart. Every time I check out of Walmart he called. Every. Single Time. (We don’t shop there anymore.)

Luckily he has learned how challenging these conversations can be and doesn’t get upset with me for being short. And I somehow managed to rattle off the 4 days in January he should not put in for at his part time job while pushing the cart and still holding my Starbucks (the little sinful treat we all shared to keep that Christmas shopping trip a little extra special and sweet).

It took some serious maneuvering to hide the life size plush stuffed dog the 9 year old brother insisted on buying for the 6 year old sister (how can you say no to that? It used to be $39.99, was on sale for $19.99 minus 30%…..and when he saw her dive onto it on the floor begging for it, he knew that’s exactly what needed to buy her. So we whispered together and devised a plan to pick it up right at the end of our trip while big sister distracted her. We made our way to the van, home, unloaded everything and divvied up the goods without anyone knowing what the other bought for them. Boo yah!

Oh and did I mention purchasing all the food and supplies for the slumber party we are throwing tomorrow for 11 year old sister while he finishes out his 72?

I don’t need an award or even a pat on the back. I’m smiling all the way because we are in the sweet spot of life right now. The years we knew we’d have to work hard to care for our family but the years you don’t want to wish away or toil away with a grunt and a frown.

The most common line I hear from every fire wife who comments here? I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

9:36 PM and no one is close to bed but who’s judging? This is the life of a #firewife

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