Firehouse Kitchen Photo courtesy of in Snyder, NY

Firehouse Kitchen Photo courtesy of in Snyder, NY


Unbeknownst to me, my husband added to his family gift exchange list an oversized cutting board and pyrex dishes.  My sister in law honored his request but seemed a bit perplexed by the request.  I just laughed and shook my head.   He is so used to his oversized industrial kitchen cooking for a crew of 10-15 that he gets frustrated at home when I pull out our family sized version of the same items.   And once I figured out that “ism” and flowed with it, our kitchen life greatly improved.   Notice I use the word “equipment” to describe this.  It’s way more than just another household item.

Check out the size of that thing!

Check out the size of that thing!  (Picture not to scale)

Industrial sized, commercial grade is what works for my rough, burly, too-strong-for-his-own-good fireman.

Do you know how many “residential” caliber items he has broken in this house?  I stopped counting.  Especially because our 11 year old daughter seems to be the one child who inherited his super human strength.  (We are working to use all that in a positive direction but it can be quite difficult to appreciate when you’re a 5th grade girl!)

The truth is….that industrial strength stuff is amazing and lasts forever.  And because we only have one boy in his teens so far, I probably have not yet fully appreciated these diamonds I’m storing in my kitchen.  Oh yes, storage.  That is a sometimes challenge with these tools.  Get creative in the basement and garage 😉

Now this industrial sized topic doesn’t just apply to the kitchen.  When we were house shopping, he struggled with tight, narrow hallways and entry ways and small bathrooms.  Ok, maybe a little search and rescue training memories surfacing there but still….his comparison is the oversized bathroom, entry, kitchen, stairways, etc at the firehouse.  Coming home to a tight space at home felt constraining for him.  So we adapt as much as we could in our price range.   Vehicles….same topic.  We have a full size van, not a minivan.  Basically it’s an airport shuttle.  Sexy.  I know.  I’m over it.  But he is so much happier driving that big roomy thing especially on long trips.  Happy daddy goes a long way on car trips.

Now I digress.  Back to the industrial sized kitchen cooking. My husband loves to cook for us at home occasionally and when he does, it’s as if he’s in an industrial kitchen with a couple other firefighters as his sous-chef running around and chopping and dicing and cleaning right behind him.   You totally know I am NOT complaining about my husband cooking at home!  (I really don’t like it so we are a good pair in that regards.)   But I do chuckle at the adjustment of fire house cooking versus residential home cooking.  By the time the meal is on the table, I think every bowl, pan and utensil in our kitchen is dirty and we have enough food on the table to feed, well a whole firehouse.  I think the firehouse has bred in him a fear of what may happen if there isn’t enough food prepared.  I wouldn’t want to have to face a crew full of still hungry firefighters!   Bless his heart.  I love him with his industrial sized firehouse quirks and all.

So thank you Erin for the oversized cutting board and new pyrex!  He LOVES them.  It’s exactly what he wanted and you did not disappoint him in any way when he opened these home making gifts while his brother in laws opened knives and hunting gear and the like.

Tell us in the comments fire wives.  What is the favorite “industrial sized” firehouse item that has invaded your home space and you totally love?

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