Yah! I hope that you had a Merry Christmas. Next BIG celebration – New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the Amazing things that happened the past year, and it’s a time to celebrate the Amazing things that will happen in the next year! 😀

So, no matter where you’ll be this New Year’s, at home, at work, at a friend’s house, wherever you’ll be, SHINE! 😀 Here are outfit ideas for 3 Different Styles that will make you feel like the Priceless Daughter of God that you are!

Look # 1 Relaxed and Chic


Go with a white, cashmere sweater to give you that new, fresh feeling, a dazzling simple pendant and a well fitting pair of dark wash jeans. This outfit will make you feel Fresh. 🙂


Want something a little brighter? Go with this same look, but add a bright color! Disclaimer: I am not into neon. Generally, I find that it is not very attractive, but if it makes you feel happy for the new year, you know what my “rule” is! Wear it! 🙂

STYLE TIP: Tucking in your blouses and even sweaters will make your legs look longer. I ALWAYS tuck in my tops. It gives me a much more appealing shape. As long as the top isn’t too long, it is also very comfy as well. : )


There is something so comfy, cozy and yes, SEXY about a sweater dress! If you will be snuggling on the couch with your fireman this New Year’s Eve, he will love to snuggle you up in your sweater dress. Wear a material that is pleasant to touch for an extra enjoyable New Year’s Eve. Amp up the appeal of this look with simple, elegant, ladylike accessories like those above. 🙂

Look # 2 Rock N Roll Chic!

New Year's Look - Glam Rocker Chic

I created this look for women who have a bit of Rock N Roll in their souls. On this night, you want to Shine and look Gorgeous and you want to show your personality! The sequins show your glam, fun side. The white blazer and trousers show your crisp, tasteful side and also a bit of rock. The Black Diamond and Caviar ring sets this outfit off!

New Year's Look - 1920's Vintage Babe Rocker Chic

I created this look as another look for the woman who has Rock N Roll deep down in her soul. This look focuses on the all black look, which is sleek and strategic for red wine spills. 🙂 The top gives this look a 1920’s vibe and strays away from looking too 90’s with the typical sequins top. This top definitely adds class and taste while still staying true to your personality. The slingy heels add sexyness and allure. The GORGEOUS Princess necklace brings attention right where you want it. This necklace will light up your face and beautiful complexion the entire night. You will be amazed at the sparkle. The ring adds just a touch of sparkle for when you are sipping your wine glass. Lastly, the light pink feather clutch adds a light, carefree, whimsy, party girl feeling to this look.

I also suggest adding earrings such as diamond studs and even a simple, dainty diamond bracelet.


New Year's Look - Kick Butt Russian Princess Rocker

This look is Amazing! In fact, I want to wear it. This just has this kick butt, in control, yet sassy look and I love it! I would totally celebrate in this look!

Look # 3 – All The Way Elegant
White is not just for weddings. Try glamming up white lots of classic, sparkly jewelry, a swept up hair style, and a fur / faux fur. A faux fur stole, rather than a faux fur coat is what I recommend for when you are in doors. : ) The one that I have worn and recommend is this one from ForeignChic.
Isn’t this SO elegant? I never thought that I would want to wear a top hat, but after looking at this photo, I do! The classic gown in this picture is what I like the most. It’s not easy to find a nice simple gown like this. If you are daring enough, replicate this outfit for New Year’s. You will feel Awesome and you will look elegant!
Classic Classic Elegance! Oh, so timeless! If you have a gorgeous mermaid gown like these, and beautiful long black gloves, what are you waiting for? Wear this for New Year’s! New Year’s is a GREAT opportunity to dazzle as much as you want! In fact, I believe that just waking up in the morning gives you enough celebration to wear celebratory clothes that day! ;D
I hope that you enjoyed these looks! If you have any questions about what to wear on New Year’s Eve, just let me know in the comments below! : )
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