best of 2013Another year end review list?   Yes.  We must.  Lest all of our new fans miss out on some of the most liked posts of 2013.  You see we started 2013 with around 5000 facebook fans and barely an eyelash on twitter and instagram.   Now across all our social media and email marketing platforms we are reaching almost 35,000 people!  Chances are there is a fire wife out there who missed some helpful posts through the year.

So here you go.  According to the highly scientific and analytical methods appointed by Google, the best posts of 2013, in a 2 part series…which will take us into 2014 but who’s counting?  This is too good to not share.

Part 1:  The Fire Wife Life, On Encouraging Fire Wives and Strengthening Marriages

Part 2:  From Firefighter Husband and the Fire Industry

Living the Fire Wife Life

Top Pick by the Fire Wife Sisterhood:  “Back off!  That’s Our Time – The Fire Family Schedule

The inevitable solo mama grocery shopping trip during a 48 or 72.   “Smiling All The Way

I Used to Hate His Firehouse”  True story. And such vivid memories I can hardly believe it was so long ago.

And just for fun….you know you aren’t shaving your legs on shift day either so don’t try to hide it.   “Shift Shaving Schedule





Encouraging Fire Wives

The number 1 thing I learned over and over again in 2013 is that women can be so down on themselves and so awfully mean and negative to each other.  Yes, shocker.  Perhaps I’ve really isolated myself from female friendships for so long that this seemed all new to me again.  But now that I’m 41, I’m over it and I’m on the peace making path, especially for fire wives.   I’ll just say it straight:   One day your husband may die in the line of duty and some of the only people who will know what you are going through are fire wives.   If that’s the only reason that keeps you from being all nasty on facebook and on your blogs and stealing copyrighted material (all things that the fire wife community did to each other in 2013).  Yes.  Ugly.  Shameful.  Awful.  And totally representative of the hurt and pain so many ladies feel in their life that is then taken out on others.

We vow to be an encouragement to all fire wives.  Period.  And in 2013, it was only the beginning of what we want to do in this space.   One of the most common questions / emails / requests we get is this

“How can I get along with the other wives in my department?  I feel like an outsider and the auxiliary is not very welcoming or non-existent.”

If you aren’t getting filled up by your own local department…..join us here:

“I Pledge to Be a More Positive Fire Wife”

“10 Things I Learned in One Year As a Fire Wife Blogger”

(and what I had learned another 6 months later!  “Birthday Wisdom“)

And then those awful tragic moments in our fire family that bond the community together no matter what.  Incidents like West, Texas.  Yarnell, Arizona.   The Houston hotel fire.   We coined the phrase “Fire Strong” to describe the emotional and mental state of dealing with the tough stuff in the fire life.

Want To Know the Secret to Being a Firefighter Wife?  Be Fire Strong

And then we talked about how a Line of Duty Death affects every single fire wife mentally and emotionally even if it wasn’t close to home in “the Emotional Roller Coaster of a Line of Duty Death

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom and whacky female hormones and cattiness.   We had a lot of fun too as an encouragement.  We started our series of LIVE INTERNET TALK SHOWS!  Holy Cow it’s like “The View for Fire Wives” but entirely interactive.   Check out our October Pink Party here.

spreecast pink party scren capture

And of course the best of the best…. our first ever National Fire Wife Meet Up  – Flame Fest!

 #loveonfire – Strengthening Firefighter Marriages

We always get real and raw when we share our marriage stories at Firefighter Wife.  That is truly what started this whole community to bond and grow.  Marriages are in trouble in the fire service and they don’t have to be.  We can overcome the many common challenges we are all facing.  The emotional and mental health toll of the fire service cannot bring down a marriage and we’re working to bring the tools and resources to help rescue fire marriages.  Some of the favorite posts from 2013

When He Doesn’t Say He’s Sorry

Your Irritable Sleep Deprived Firefighter

How Do I Survive On Only 15 Minutes of Conversation a Day

And the series that started it all “A True Love Story”   (technically from 2012 but definitely one of our most viewed resources)

And From the Fire Wife Sisterhood

What?  Isn’t that the super secret, private area where fire wives chat?  Well yes of course but if we never give you a peek inside how would you know what’s happening?

Just a few of our typical posts in our private group….literally these are the first few posts in the Facebook feed just today.  And it’s like this 24/7

Hi beautiful ladies, I would like to ask for your input, since I’m new at this. My FF is a probie (just graduated the academy in August). Last night, he said he was having a hard time with the whole “make the new guy feel like a piece of crap” part of things. He understands it is part of being the new guy, but he is struggling with self-esteem, even at home, even if I’m not around (example: he grabbed a trash bag from under the sink and the box fell out of the cupboard…even though no one was around, he felt like he did something “wrong”), since every move he makes at the station is watched, judged, and criticized. Any words of advice on how I can continue to encourage him through this season?

Something only fire & police wives will understand – driving home I pass a set of crosses that sit right at the exit to our neighborhood. Today a young lady & two young boys were at the crosses, brought me to tears. It was a roll over accident a few years ago that killed both people. I drove past not long after the accident, then again when the family was placing the crosses. My heart breaks for them.

I’m taking you ladies with me to my MIL house in about 30 min. It’s going to be a tough conversation but I know I have you guys and my FF beside me! Ready to get it over with and ring in 2014 with hope and promise for a great year!

Feeling so blessed right now! My husband just told me that he talked to his LT today and had a conversation about how he doesn’t want the FD to define him and he wants to spend more time with his wife, family and friends! This coming from the guy who practically lived at the firehouse when we were dating and engaged. Even better, his LT completely understood and was a little jealous about all our plans to travel and backpack together. So my husband quit the CART team and will continue to be in the honor guard as his only “extracurricular” activity (besides trying to instill the spirit of brotherhood throughout the department by helping his brothers however he can.) All this at no prompting from me whatsoever! Any fears I had about quitting my job next year totally just melted away. Just a little excited right now and thought I’d share some good news. You ladies know how huge this is!


lyndsays post


Plus all of these special areas in our website community…..take note of “Fire Up Your Love Life” where you can ask those intimate questions you would only ask your best girlfriend.  An improved sex life is one of the #1 benefits of being part of the Fire Wife Sisterhood.  Tasteful, classy, all about better, stronger love.


fire wife sisterhood groups

So our Fire Wife Sisterhood is NOT the Facebook Page.  Some of you may be surprised to learn that but we understand there is some confusion there.  The Fire Wife Sisterhood is a separate, private, wives only space on our website and in a super secret Facebook group you can only be invited to if you are a member.

You can join the Fire Wife Sisterhood at this link.

And the best part?  Try it for 10 days for free to see what it’s all about.  If it’s not for you, no worries.  (But there’s nothing else like it and expect you to be blown away by what you’ve been missing!)

So that’s Part 1 of our Best of 2013 posts.  Tune in tomorrow for another edition that include posts from our husbands and the fire community.

And a GIANT thank you for reading these and giving us the positive feedback.  Without readers we would be, uh, nothing 😉






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